If everyone had only sons, what would the world be like?

 If everyone had only sons, what would the world be like?

Despite the fact that science has refuted rumors again and again

So if everyone has only a boy

What will the world become?

Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli historian and author of a brief history of mankind, said in his Ted speech the causes of the rise of mankind, the reason why humans can control the earth is that they are the only species that can maintain a high degree of flexibility in a large number of collective cooperation. Other social animals, such as wolves, elephants, dolphins, chimpanzees and so on, will also work with their partners, but only to a very small extent. If you take 1000 people out and fight with 1000 chimpanzees, its easy for humans to prevail, because 1000 chimpanzees cant cooperate at all. The result of letting 100000 chimpanzees occupy Oxford Street is the ultimate chaos.

Because its not chimpanzees but humans who occupy Oxford Street, we have todays Oxford Street civilization. It is not only an aesthetic civilization composed of Roman Boulevard or Byzantine buildings, but also a commercial civilization interwoven by 300 global flagship stores.

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As the most prosperous street in Europe and a museum of living and contemporary life, its civilization is multi-dimensional, including the concept of various progress in contemporary society, as well as the cornerstone of its progressive concept - the esteem for the gender equality system.

On that 1.9-kilometer-long street stands Britains largest record store, HMV, which records the history of Western womens spiritual liberation through music since the 20th century. These feminist pioneers in the pop music industry, such as Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith and siouxie Sioux, are still the treasure of the town; they are away from HMV The 100 club, not far away, is the focus of early jazz and late rock music in Britain and the United States. Countless good girls rebelled against it and invested in various social changes, including the sexual liberation movement. The branch of London Fashion Institute is also on this street, the worlds top design institute, with 75% of female students

Patti Smith

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Oxford Street is not long, but it is a projection of contemporary civilization, reflecting what Yuval calls the high flexibility of human cooperation, which is especially reflected in the cooperation between men and women: there, women are engaged in the same high-end occupation as men, and enjoy the right to equal pay for equal work; women can participate in elections or all public affairs, become prime minister, politician, science Home, news reporter or environmentalist; women have a high degree of dominance over their bodies, they follow their own wishes, choose abortion, pregnancy or not to be a mother; women can choose to leave their partners or divorce, their childrens custody, real estate and property are protected by law; women can also choose to marry same-sex partners, wear rainbow skirts to participate in Pride Festival, and not Will be discriminated by colleagues and leave the workplace with tears

Both humans and chimpanzees have Y chromosomes. Humans have created Oxford Street Style civilization, while chimpanzees have only made mountains of banana peel. However, in the face of this fact, there are still a group of people who insist on owning Y chromosome as a kind of supreme privilege: Y chromosome cannot transmit male to female, only male has ancestors Y chromosome, so only breeding male can be regarded as the real sense of succession - it seems to them that 100000 chimpanzees occupying Oxford Street are all replaced Male chimpanzees with Y chromosomes will have a very different outcome.

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If there is such an important tribe on the earth where we live now that regards Y chromosome = lineage succession, its life must be like this: when the party with Y chromosome fights with beasts in the jungle, or fights for a banana and another group of y people, the party without Y chromosome, that is, women, are forced to stay in the shed to conceive Y chromosome u3002 Whether or not you can successfully conceive Y chromosome depends on whether Guanyin is willing to tell you the code of six colors.

In order to make sure that his women are pregnant with their own Y chromosome, he tried every means to prevent them from having an affair with other Y chromosome, so he made all laws against them, controlled their property rights, broke their walking phalanges ideologically, put them on Florences chastity belt, and even let them die after their death. In such a long time, not many women would like to be women. The newborn girls are also thrown into the toilet by desperate mothers. The birth ratio of men and women is seriously unbalanced. Soon, there are only a bunch of impetuous and jumping Y chromosomes left in the tribe.

Now the question is, when globalization makes regional cooperation unstoppable, even such a tribe that is determined to live in isolation will have to consider cooperation with some symbol of contemporary civilization such as Oxford Street and Wall Street in order to survive, how can it maintain a high degree of flexibility in what Yuval calls large-scale collective cooperation? How does it interact with others in the concept of equality based on gender equality? How can it ensure that other women are walking through the sky and basking in the sun in the circle of friends, while the women of their own tribe are completely independent of the outside world and are totally devoted to the Y chromosome in the shed?