The girl is lovelorn and wants to jump into the river. The girls friend persuades her to jump into the river first and watch the police

 The girl is lovelorn and wants to jump into the river. The girls friend persuades her to jump into the river first and watch the police

Its sad to be lovelorn. The young girl wants to jump into the river

Xiao Wu, 22, from Guizhou Province, has a boyfriend who has talked with him for several years in his hometown. He has a deep feeling. Its said that Taizhou is easy to find a job this year. Two months ago, she said goodbye to her boyfriend and came to Huangyan to work for her brother. Since then, she and her boyfriend have started a long-distance relationship. Usually, they can only rely on wechat and telephone communication to ease the pain of lovesickness.

For a long time, Xiao Wus boyfriend thought that there would be no future for the separation, so he broke up on wechat. In this regard, Xiao Wu has cried and stayed, but still failed to save her boyfriends heart, resulting in a low mood recently.

A few days ago, Xiao Wu asked some villagers to drink in his rental house, ready to borrow wine to relieve their worries. The wine was drunk until 1:00 in the morning. The more sad Xiao Wu Yue was when he drank it, he went to the street alone to relax after seeing off the villagers. When she came to a bridge on dongguanhe Road, she looked at the dark river and kept thinking about her boyfriend. The more she thought about it, the more painful she was, the more she would cross the bridge and prepare to jump into it.

Police immediately contacted Xiao Luo, 15 minutes later, Xiao Luo with a few villagers to the scene. Seeing that Xiao Wu was so frustrated, they rushed to appease her. However, when Xiao Wu saw them coming, he was more excited and cried even more. He was still playing alcoholic on the bridge, which made the people on the scene very anxious.

You are so disobedient, do you want to force me to death?

The one who jumped the river was still on the bridge, but the one who advised people to jump the river first, and the people at the scene stayed for a while. Fortunately, Mr. Chen, a fellow townsman who came with Xiaoluo, reacted quickly and jumped into the river at once. With a weak light, he swam to Xiaoluo and grabbed her to prevent her from being washed away by the river. At the same time, the police also put life-saving equipment into the river to assist the rescue, so Xiao Luo was rescued to the shore without any danger.

Looking at Xiaoluo because he jumped into the river, Xiaowu was scared, and the wine woke up all of a sudden, no longer crying. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the police continue to persuade Xiao Wu and persuade her from the bridge.

That night, Xiao Wu and Xiao Luo were sent home by the villagers after their mood was stable. At present, they are in good health and not in danger of life.