Report on consumption trend of meituan Dragon Boat Festival

 Report on consumption trend of meituan Dragon Boat Festival

The continuous expansion of the territory of xianzongzi in the south, xianbeitian in the North

Zongzi is a kind of traditional Chinese food. According to the big data of meituan app, the sales volume of zongzi in the Dragon Boat Festival in 2020 has not been affected by the epidemic and continues to expand. Last year, the sales proportion of xianzongzi and tianzongzi was close to 7:3. This year, the sales proportion of xianzongzi and tianzongzi was close to 8:2. The consumption territory of xianzongzi continues to expand.

Compared with the past, the pattern of salty in the South and sweet in the north still continues in China today. However, there are some exceptions. For example, the sales of salty zongzi in Shenyang, which is located in the northeast, accounts for 55% of the total sales this year. It is unique among the northern cities that prefer sweet zongzi.

While xianzongzi has completely occupied the mainstream of southern cities. In the 25 cities counted in this report, xianzongzi has occupied the absolute mainstream of southern cities. Wuhan, as the city with the highest proportion of sweet zongzi in southern cities, has only obtained 32% share of sweet zongzi.

Not only zongzi, during the Dragon Boat Festival, meituan app also presents the Dragon Boat Festival food package for users. From the traditional Chinese food wangxiangyuan, grandma s home to the favorite McDonald s, KFC, Burger King and other young people have launched the dragon boat special package.

Hanfu Pavilion, ancient style photography services proliferate, ancient villages and towns become hot spots for short-term travel

At present, people seem to prefer traditional tourist destinations. Reservation data shows that ancient village ancient town tour is the trend gathering place for short-term holiday in this years Dragon Boat Festival.

Statistics show that in 2020, the proportion of tourism travel in ancient villages and towns will increase by 21% compared with the same period last year. Wuzhen xizha scenic spot, Qiaojia courtyard and Taierzhuang ancient city are expected to be the most popular ancient towns of this years Dragon Boat Festival, while Nanjing presidential palace, Qinhuangdao laolongtou, Shenyang zhangshishuai mansion (dashai mansion), Wuhan Huanghelou and Suzhou Humble Administrators garden occupy the top 5 of the list of orders for scenic spots and ancient sites with their unique charm.

In order to enable users to travel and play better, meituan app has also prepared many super discounts, such as 50% discount for Guangzhou Chimelong water park. If you search the popular destinations you want to go, there will be unexpected discount surprises.

Small cities and small shops radiate new economic vitality, and the proportion of people in low-end cities who go out for tourism is larger than that in first-line and second-line cities. The report shows that this years Dragon Boat Festival small and long vacation, the proportion of orders for transportation and travel of residents in the third tier and below cities is basically the same as last year, but the proportion of orders for hotels booked by residents in the third tier and below cities has increased to 43.6% of the total orders in the country, a steady increase of 4.8% compared with 2019.

With the continuous improvement of the epidemic situation, the economic development of small stores across the country has shown a strong momentum. According to the report, especially since April this year, the growth rate of new businesses operating small stores across the country has reached 90.1%, and small stores across the country have sprung up rapidly. In terms of province distribution, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are the top three newly added small store provinces, with more obvious signs of economic recovery.

The trend of Dragon Boat Festival consumption reflects the new trend of Chinese peoples life service consumption from one side. As the whole platform covering all kinds of life services, meituan app will continue to provide users with all kinds of life services, such as eating, drinking, playing and walking, to help the holiday economy.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485