IDC machine learning platform market No.1 the fourth paradigm market leading advantage continues to expand

 IDC machine learning platform market No.1 the fourth paradigm market leading advantage continues to expand

According to the report, the market scale of artificial intelligence software and application in China will reach 2.89 billion US dollars in 2019, 12.75 billion US dollars in 2024, with a compound growth rate of 39.0% in 2018-2024. Among them, machine learning is still a hot spot in 2019-2020, and the market growth space of commercial machine learning platform is huge, and the compound growth rate is expected to be as high as 62.0%.

According to IDC research, machine learning is entering the enterprise in a large-scale and in-depth way, but many enterprises are limited by data resource readiness, data scientists talent reserve and other issues, and face great challenges in the intelligent transformation. Therefore, the market is calling for a more mature machine learning platform, a lower threshold automl product, and even a more correct and effective landing methodology to help the enterprise AI to land in an all-round way and improve its business value.

Leading and perfect enterprise level technical product system

u00b7It has the worlds leading self-developed core technologies, including automl algorithm, gdbt, etc., to help enterprises realize the large-scale development and application of AI with high dimension, real-time and self-learning.

u00b7Provide low threshold and standardized AI application development tools such as hypercycleml / CV; provide enterprise level resource management, distributed deployment, model log management and other functions, to meet the whole process management and monitoring needs of enterprise AI applications.

u00b7We have developed a highly optimized AI computing platform which integrates hardware and software. We have developed our own FPGA acceleration card and PrPc network framework to provide low-cost and highly reliable computing support for the large-scale application of AI in enterprises.

Rapid and rich commercialization effect

u00b7The fourth paradigm prophet platform has been widely implemented in finance, retail, energy, government, medical, Internet and other fields, providing AI platform services for many industry-leading customers.

u00b7Comprehensively empower industrial customers in different AI development stages to reduce the threshold of AI landing. Help doctors without machine learning experience use automl to improve the accuracy of newborn weight prediction; help Internet marketers to increase the click through rate of advertising recommendations by 20%, etc

Vigorous and rapid expansion of AI industry ecology

u00b7It has successively established artificial intelligence joint laboratory with famous enterprises in Intel, Inspur, Lenovo, Cambrian and other industries to open up the development path of artificial intelligence industrialization.

u00b7Penetrate the industry market, cooperate with CETC in the field of smart city, Huayou Group in the field of energy, and build a retail technology enabling platform with Yonghui supermarket.

Today, more and more enterprises are facing many challenges in the process of intelligent transformation, such as low AI capacity, unclear business value and high cost. The fourth paradigm machine learning platform prophet can help enterprises solve these problems quickly and efficiently. Because of this, prophet platform is highly recognized by many transformation leaders and innovators, landing tens of thousands of AI application scenarios, and maintaining the absolute leading position of machine learning platform market share No.1.

In the past five years, the fourth paradigm has pioneered the track of machine learning platform in China, and has been unremitting in providing better products and services for enterprise AI transformation. In the future, we will continue to promote the extension and expansion of machine learning platform in more industries and scenarios, help more enterprises achieve the goal of intelligent transformation, improve business efficiency, and promote the release and development of social productivity.