Fans all over the world 5g mobile phone shopping season special closing ceremony big stars gathered in cross-border live broadcast to boost the resumption of production

 Fans all over the world 5g mobile phone shopping season special closing ceremony big stars gathered in cross-border live broadcast to boost the resumption of production

Live picture

This live broadcast is Gao Lins first appearance after the transfer, and once again talks with Guangzhou fans. Referring to the different lives in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Gao Lin said it was a new process of starting to struggle. He changed a city and a team is still adapting. He also enjoyed the environment and atmosphere in Shenzhen jiazhaoye club, and thanked the club and teammates for their encouragement and support. From then on, the only constant belief is the ambition to strive for good results. For the future career of jiazhaoye in Shenzhen, we can see that Gao Lin is also full of new expectations and expectations. Of course, he also missed the fans in Guangzhou very much. He also interacted with the fans in the live broadcast, connected the fans face to face, and patiently answered the questions raised by the fans. As an experience officer who is interested in W20 in the world, Gao Lin presents a New Jersey of Shenzhen jiazhaoye with his number and name to the first fan who purchases W20 mobile phone in front of the camera, and signs his own name with his own pen, and specially writes No1 in the Jersey, as the first special thank you gift for W20 to China Telecom.

Gao Lin signs the Jersey and shows it

Another guest, Professor Guo yubiao, a member of the medical expert group of China who came back from the anti epidemic campaign, first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the expert group for their support in the event of honoring the most beautiful and rebellious traveler held by his heart. Because of the limited communication conditions in foreign countries, it is very difficult for members of the medical expert group to contact with their relatives at home, and the fees are expensive. At this time, Guangdong Telecom opened free foreign traffic for each member of the medical expert group, exempted part of the communication costs, and installed China Telecom optical fiber broadband for the family members. The help provided by Guangdong Telecom is also very helpful for us, to solve the worries for the medical expert group.

Professor Guo also shared his experiences in Serbia on the spot. He was most touched by the fact that after Serbias epidemic situation was stable, Chinas medical team was ready to return home. At this time, Serbia not only expressed its gratitude for Chinas help in words, but also president Vucci of Serbia awarded the highest level of military medal to Chinas medical team, outstanding for Serbias national defense Contribution Medal !

Professor Guo yubiao shows the medal awarded by the president of Serbia

Professor Guo yubiao received the autograph photo of former head coach of the national team Milu in the studio

Gao Lin presents Professor Guo yubiao his own Autographed Jersey

The most heavyweight product this time is the W20 mobile phone of China Telecom. As a star experience officer, Gao Lin is full of praise for this folding straight board mobile phone. He said that the biggest feeling is that he can return wechat while playing games. The split screen function is powerful, and the folding screen makes the screen vision wider. When it is unfolded, it will reach a full screen of 7.3 inches, bringing the W20 a super sensory experience, which is quite convenient to use, and the price of this king is even lower than the official price of 2799 yuan.

Pan Weili and Chen Wenjun

Four classic models, Huawei p40pro, Huawei P40, Huawei mate305g and Huawei mate30pro5g, are recommended for the fans special purchase season of 5g mobile phones. The excellent performance and the price of Juhui can be owned at the same time. The price of this special event will be lower than the official price of 500 yuan!

21CN live video broadcast together with Guangzhou Telecom Tmall flagship store live room, Tianyi account center (Alipay life), micro-blog, ball five platforms while fans special 5G mobile phone shopping season special live broadcast. In 2020, 21CN video live broadcast will be carried out in many fields, such as live delivery of goods, auto conference, etc., successively supporting Guangdong Telecoms May 4th commendation meeting, Guangzhou live Festival poverty alleviation delivery and other live activities. Next, 21CN will actively expand new markets, strengthen the construction of innovation system and innovation capacity, and achieve high-quality development of enterprises.