Xiao Yaxuan wishes Ke Zhendongs current boyfriend jealous? He didnt respond at all

 Xiao Yaxuan wishes Ke Zhendongs current boyfriend jealous? He didnt respond at all

It is reported that the two people are full of topics, attracting many advertisements, dramas, variety shows and movies, but xuanya entertainment agents have pushed them out. Because of the impact of the epidemic and considering the quality of the works, we hope to present Huang Haos best talents to you. Ash says good work is the most important thing for a company. It is understood that the brokerage company regards Wu Yifan as Huang Haos goal in performance performance performance. Xuanya entertainment company frankly says ofcourse, and also admits that it is very tired to be a girlfriend and a broker, while Elva is upset by the epidemic this years plans for film distribution and concert.

In this period of time, in addition to publishing new songs and interacting with fans through the Internet, Elva also encountered many Internet bullies. For example, she was attacked when she left a message on the Ke Zhendong social platform. It is said that the premiere of Ke Zhendongs new film sneeze strongly invited her to the platform, but in order to avoid another wave and the vague focus of bullying in Internet speech, she will not attend the premiere.

Ash said: I dont think everyone should be bullied by the Internet. Every artist has experienced a lot of devastating criticism, so I choose to stand up and reply to the message and appeal to the netizens to think about what they said before leaving the message. I also need to be responsible for what I said. Everyone has the nature of loving beauty. As long as we dont violate the law or do harm to others, its not wrong to become beautiful, but a kind and beautiful heart is more important.

She admitted to be a chivalrous woman. She would fight against unreasonable treatment recently, like being scolded by a gong in Taiwanese when walking a dog. She asked him how he could do this. In addition to her 18-year-old dog Gemini, she has taken in several stray dogs in recent years. The youngest is only six months old. She takes care of her dog as her own child. As for whether there is a plan to marry and have children, she said frankly. At present, there is no consideration of having children in the life plan. She stressed: it is also a responsibility to have children to teach a life. She also admitted that she likes children very much, but once she has a child, she must accompany her every day instead of using the hand of a nanny. However, there are still many work plans to be completed after the epidemic is lifted.

Relevant recommendations are scolded for killing Xiao Yaxuan together with Ke Zhendong. People will make mistakes. Xiao Yaxuan, the ex girlfriend of Ke Zhendongs 29th birthday, doesnt avoid being generous and sends blessings to Xiao Yaxuan, 40, and her boyfriend after 95. They take photos together. My heart has been stolen by you. Source: responsible editor of Netease Entertainment: Han Chong_ NBJ11345