This video meets with Xi Jinping on China EU relations in the post epidemic era.

 This video meets with Xi Jinping on China EU relations in the post epidemic era.

Video: Xi Jinping meets with President of the European Council and chairman of the European Commission

This video meeting is the first of many

This is the fifth time President Xi Jinping has met with foreign leaders since the war. Different from the previous face-to-face meetings with who director general Tan Desai, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, Mongolian President battulega and Pakistani President alvi, this is the first time that screen to screen video meeting has been adopted.

u25b3 the Great Hall of the people at night. (shot by Cheng Cheng, CCTV reporter)

u25b3 the scene before the meeting. (shot by Shi Cheng, CCTV reporter)

The meeting was held during the 22nd China EU summit. The annual meeting of the leaders was established in 1998, most of which were held in turn in Europe and China. In 2013, 2016 and 2018, President Xi met respectively with the president of the European Council and the president of the European Commission who came to China to attend the 16th, 18th and 20th meetings. This year, affected by the epidemic, the China EU summit was held by video for the first time.

u25b3 this is the meeting site of President Michelle of the European Council. (from social media of the European Council)

On the evening of June 22, the meeting was the first between President Xi and the new EU leaders. The European Council is the highest decision-making body of the European Union. The current president is former Prime Minister Michelle of Belgium, who took office on December 1 last year. The European Commission is the legislative proposal and executive body of the European Union. Its current chairman is former German defense minister von der leen, who took office on December 1 last year. On novel coronavirus pneumonia, President Xi called the two leaders in March this year to express sincere condolences to the new crown pneumonia outbreak in the EU.

u25b3 Michelle will assume the presidency of the new European Council on December 1, 2019 for a term of two and a half years. (from social media of the European Council)

What do you think of China EU relations? Xi Jinping expounded this way.

EU China cooperation can achieve great things in the world, said Juncker, former president of the European Commission, at a meeting with President Xi Of course, the premise of cooperation is to fully understand and reach consensus. Six years ago, when President Xi delivered a speech at Bruges College of Europe, he said: in order to push forward China EU relations, China needs to deepen its understanding of Europe, and Europe also needs to deepen its understanding of China.

u25b3 Bruges European College.

At a meeting on the evening of June 22, President Xi explained to the new EU leaders that China wants peace rather than hegemony, whether China is a threat or an opportunity, whether China is a partner or an opponent. He said that China and the EU should respect each other, seek common ground while reserving differences, and make peace but differ from each other, constantly enhance mutual understanding and trust, expand common interests in cooperation, and solve problems in development. The two EU leaders said that the EU is willing to conduct strategic dialogue and expand consensus with China in a frank manner.

u25b3 this is the Chinese flag and the European Union flag at the scene of the video meeting.

In April 23rd, novel coronavirus pneumonia was held in the EU and its 27 member countries for the fourth video summit. This is Michelle and van der lains press conference after the summit. (from Michelle social media)

The meeting was held in the context of the epidemic. Leaders of China and the EU are also worried that the world under the impact of the epidemic is undergoing profound changes and facing more uncertainties. In the face of this grim situation, President Xi pointed out clearly that China and the EU, as two major forces, two markets and two civilizations in the world, have world significance in terms of what they stand for, what they oppose and what they cooperate with.

u25b3 the European Union delivers medical materials and equipment to Member States. (provided by Ma Jinjin, reporter of CCTV)

President Xi met with EU leaders for the first time during the China EU summit, seven years ago in 2013. At that time, he proposed that China and the EU are the two major forces to maintain world peace, the two major markets to promote common development, and the two civilizations to promote human progress.

u25b3 Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is the main administrative organ of the European Union. Among the four main organs of the European Union, the European Council, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union are all located in Brussels, so it has the reputation of European capital.

How to promote China EU cooperation in the post epidemic era? At the meeting, President Xi said that China EU relations should also strive to develop new opportunities in the crisis and start new situations in the changing situation. He made a new elaboration on Chinas proposition seven years ago.

China and the EU need to be two major forces to maintain global peace and stability. Today, the world is in a situation that hasnt changed in a century. The epidemic situation will further deepen contradictions and intensify conflicts. China is the largest developing country, and the EU is the largest developed country consortium. Strengthening communication and coordination between China and the EU on global issues can play a key role in maintaining world peace and stability.

u25b3 on June 5, the China Europe train loaded with anti epidemic materials set out at Yiwu west station, Zhejiang Province, and left the country via Alashankou port, Xinjiang, to Madrid, the capital of Spain.

China and the EU should be two major markets to promote global development and prosperity. During his visit to the EU headquarters, President Xi proposed to make China and the EU the twin engines of world economic growth. After the outbreak, the two major economies of China and the EU should play the role of two engines of the world economy and promote the recovery of the world economy. During the meeting, the two sides expressed that they should accelerate the negotiation of the China EU investment agreement and strive to reach it as soon as possible.

u25b3 on May 27, 200 Jinlong buses set sail from Xiamen terminal to Cyprus, setting a new record for the largest single export volume of Chinese buses to Europe.

China and the EU should adhere to multilateralism and improve global governance. President Xi reiterated that no matter how the international situation changes, China will stand on the side of multilateralism and adhere to the global governance concept of common consultation, co construction and sharing. EU leaders said in the meeting that the EU side adheres to multilateralism and is willing to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China on major issues within the framework of the United Nations and other frameworks.

u25b3 Belgium has reopened its borders to the European Union, countries in the Schengen region and the UK since 15th of this month, and Brussels Airport has resumed passenger transport activities.

How to build world influence? Xi Jinping looks forward to this.

During this meeting, Xi Jinping put forward the idea of building a more comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Europe.

This year marks the 45th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the EU. On May 6, 1975, China established diplomatic relations with the European Economic Community, the predecessor of the European Union. In 2003, China and the EU established a comprehensive strategic partnership. In April 2014, as the first China president to visit the EU headquarters, Xi Jinping first proposed four major partnerships: peace, growth, reform and civilization.

u25b3 belemont building, the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

At the meeting on the 22nd, President Xi proposed that he would like to maintain close communication with the two presidents, push forward a series of major political agendas between China and the EU, and push China EU relations to a new level.

In the second half of this year, Germany will assume the presidency of the European Union. On the evening of June 3, President Xi Jinping, in a telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, mentioned that China, Germany and China are negotiating a series of major political exchanges agenda, and China is willing to maintain close communication and coordination with Germany and Europe to ensure the success of these activities. At the meeting on the evening of the 22nd, the two EU leaders also expressed that the EU is willing to work with China to promote the success of the major political agenda agreed upon by the EU and China.

u25b3 on June 7, the worlds largest container ship Hmm alhersilas first arrived at Hamburg Port, Germany.

President Xi once said that although China and Europe are thousands of miles apart, they all live in the same time and space, and their lives are closely related. At present, both China and the EU are in a critical period of development, facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Both China and the EU are on a path they have never taken before and doing what they have never done before. Together, China and the EU have a great journey.