Why hasnt there been any deaths in Beijing? Experts explanation

 Why hasnt there been any deaths in Beijing? Experts explanation

What is the reason why novel coronavirus pneumonia is killing 460 thousand people in Beijing? Different from the epidemic situation in Wuhan in February, there is less virus transmission among family members in Beijing. Is the risk of new coronavirus reduced? Workers daily interviewed a number of experts on relevant issues.

Professor an Youzhong, director of the Department of critical medicine of Peking University Peoples Hospital, said in an interview with the workers Daily that the reason why the epidemic in Beijing is light and common is that on the one hand, the common people have a high vigilance; on the other hand, the government has handled it timely and controlled it effectively, and there is no medical run. It has achieved that the nucleic acid detection should be done as much as possible, is willing to do as much as possible, and screened cases as soon as possible, Early detection, early isolation, early treatment and early treatment have been achieved, so light and common types are mostly, which is a normal phenomenon.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in other parts of China is less than 1%, only 0.8%, except Hubei. I think if it is done better, it will be even lower than 0.8%. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was launched in Wuhan and southwest border for 110 days, including An Youzhongs prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, national diagnosis and treatment plan and critical illness treatment. He thought that early treatment and early detection and no long time home segregation were the main reasons for the spread of family members in Beijing.

According to Professor Li Taisheng, director of infection department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, there is no sign that the virus has weakened from the current epidemic situation in Beijing. We dont know much about this disease. At present, we mainly adopt traditional methods to prevent and control infectious diseases. One is to find the source of infection early; the other is to block the transmission route; the third is to protect the susceptible population, he said. At present, the disease has not yet combined genetics and clinical research to find out who is susceptible and who is not. It can be said that all people are susceptible. Now domestic and foreign people have done nucleic acid detection early found, found cases after isolation, and then symptomatic treatment. Without this method in any country, the virus will spread widely.

At the covid-19 immunomodulatory treatment Summit Forum held online on June 20, Wang GuiQiang, director of the infectious diseases department of Peking University First Hospital, analyzed the characteristics of the outbreak in Beijing. He said: due to the timely discovery and treatment, the number of severe and critical cases in Beijing was very small. At that time, the total number of severe and critical cases in Wuhan was about 20%. As of June 19, there were two cases of critical illness in Beijing, 11 cases of severe illness, and 13 cases in total, the proportion was less than 10%, which was far lower than the initial figure in Wuhan, which had a direct relationship with early diagnosis. At the earliest, it took 9 to 10 days from the onset to the diagnosis in Wuhan, and then only one day in the whole country, and another six days in Wuhan. It can be seen that the delay of diagnosis directly affects the follow-up treatment, and some patients condition is delayed, so early intervention and early treatment are crucial.

Wang GuiQiang said that timely oxygen therapy, intervention and symptomatic support can effectively control disease progress and reduce mortality, which is very clear. At present, Beijing is in a relatively optimistic state, with a relatively low rate of severe and critical illness, and the consequent mortality rate must be low.

At the forum, Academician Li Lanjuan also talked about the reasons for the small number of severe cases in Beijing. She stressed that the earlier the antiviral treatment is, the better. Early detection and early antiviral treatment are very important.

In the previous treatment of H1N1 patients, antiviral treatment earlier than one day can reduce the incidence of severe cases by 12% and the mortality by 13%. Therefore, early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment are the most important magic weapon to control infectious diseases. This time, Beijings epidemic screening efforts are very strong, so there are few severe cases. Once again, Chinas epidemic control methods have proved to be effective. Said Academician Li Lanjuan.

How to prevent novel coronavirus pneumonia? An Youzhong reminded that if fatigue, muscle soreness, changes in food taste or smell, cough, less phlegm and fever occur suddenly, you should be alert and see a doctor in time. When seeking medical treatment, it is advisable to check the blood routine, white blood cell and lymphocyte count, nucleic acid and lung CT if necessary.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common practice. Many people have habits of picking their nose, rubbing their eyes and touching their mouths. These bad habits are easily transmitted to other diseases even if they do not infect new crown pneumonia virus. Li Taisheng especially stressed that do not touch any part above the neck before hand washing. From the perspective of infectious diseases, this is the most effective measure to prevent all infectious diseases. In addition, you must wash your hands before and after eating. You must not eat fruits and vegetables without washing them. You should be ventilated at home, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently. In this way, the risk of infection with the new crown virus will be small.

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