Zhang Yishan and pan Yueming start the battle of faith

 Zhang Yishan and pan Yueming start the battle of faith

Single character posters are full of suspicions

Shen Fang (Zhang Yishan), a secret intelligence officer of the Communist Party of China lurking behind the enemys back, shows people in the poster in the shape of a little scum. In the light and shadow of the mapping, highlighting his resolute eyes. The eight characters of being in a dilemma, not losing faith indicate the coming situation and the road that Shen Fang is destined to take. When Shen Fang risked his life to obtain important information, his biggest threat came from constant investigation and suspicion of his brother Shen Lin (Pan Yueming). In the poster, Shen Lin stares at the front, the sunlight cuts through the darkness to sketch the birth shadow, reflecting the tense situation surrounded by danger, and also has a bright guide. Looking at the whole situation and taking the opportunity to do it is the fate that he will eventually usher in under his diligent character. Two students travel against the same path. Heart to light, victory to the end.

Youre invited to join in by the people in the Bureau

In the opening poster, Shen Fang (Zhang Yishan) and Shen Lin (Pan Yueming) sit in the middle with their backs facing each other, showing some convincing majesty and firmness. The bright red background diffuses the smell of bloodbath, like a kind of omen. But in an age of uncertainty, being full of unknown means infinite hope, like a single spark. The buildings with full sense of age in the three characters of people in the bureau not only express the magnificent historical feeling, but also place the audience in the turbulent era. People of different camps, faiths and personalities have stepped on the same stage and launched a fierce battle of death.

The man in the bureau starts from the beginning and sets suspense, which greatly enhances the visibility of the play. Tonight, lets see how the Shen family brothers set off the storm of spy war. The show will be broadcast on Zhejiang TV and Jiangsu TV at 19:30 every night from June 23. Every week, there are 2 episodes from Sunday to Friday, and 1 episode is updated on Saturday. Iqiyi and Youku VIP members go online at 24:00 every night, and non members will be exempted the next day.