Wang Zhelins two roars 75 + 29 worthy of MVP team defense

 Wang Zhelins two roars 75 + 29 worthy of MVP team defense

Beijing time on June 23, the CBA rematch continued, Fujian team ushered in a confrontation with Jilin team. In this game, Fujian team star Wang Zhelin continued to play bravely. He scored 38 points, 14 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks in 15 of 25 shots. But Jilin team was distracted, and Fujian was turned around 107-112.

In the last game, Wang Zhelin scored 37 points and 15 rebounds against North control, leading the team to beat the opponent 121-108. Today, he continues his 30 + 10 routine. After the start of the game, Fujian team quickly took the lead. With 8:49 left in the first game, Wang Zhelin had the ball to eat Zhong Cheng alone. He rolled his opponent all the way from the three-point line to the forbidden area, turned around easily and then hit the basket to get 2 points. Its hard to find a player who can match Wang Zhelin in Jilin.

This game, Wang Zhelin also has a lot of ingenuity in the assists. In the second quarter, with 7:08 left, Wang Zhelin took off the backboard. He observed that Chen linjian had quickly dropped, and then threw a long pass across the field to assist the latter to reach the layup. With 6:45 seconds left in the third quarter, Wang Zhelin was not eager to attack when catching the ball. Seeing he Chongdas empty cut, he immediately sent a wonderful pass to hit the ground, and the latter caught the ball easily and violently.

As the core of the inner line, Wang Zhelin also sent out three blocks. In the third quarter, Fujian team took the lead. With 3:33 left in this section, Cui Jinming, Jilin guard, broke through the layup and directly challenged Wang Zhelins guard. In the face of Wang Zhelin, Cui Jinming raised the arc of his hand. However, Wang Zhelin had been ready for a long time. He set up an insurmountable barrier between the basket and the ball, and a volleyball hat flew the ball directly to the fan outside the three-point line.