Private smoking case is still promoted to major general Cai guard room director to hide from the media

 Private smoking case is still promoted to major general Cai guard room director to hide from the media

The picture shows Chen Minhua at the ceremony (middle)

Overseas network, June 23 - on the morning of June 23rd, Taiwans Defense Department held a regular ceremony for the promotion of general level personnel to Buda and the conferment of rank, with a total of 5 promoted to general and 15 promoted to major general. Chen Minhua, director of the security room of Tsai ing Wen, is also on the list of major generals to be promoted, which has attracted controversy from all walks of life due to his private smoking case being recorded with a major demerit. Under the attention of the islands media, Chen Minhua was not interviewed throughout the ceremony, and refused to respond no matter how the media asked.

According to media reports such as Taiwans China time electronic news and Lianhe news network, Tsai ing Wen presided over the ceremony in the morning of the appointment of General Chen Minhua, the chief of Tsai ing Wens security room, who was once recorded a major demerit for his private smoking case, but was still promoted to major general. Chen Minhua was chased by the media after Tsai ing Wen and Yan De, the head of Taiwans Defense Department, made speeches because he was unwilling to be interviewed. Taiwan media satirized: general Jin Ren is a glorious moment of military career. General Jin Ren and his family mostly let the media take photos and visit, rarely hiding from the media. Chen Minhua should be the first one.

When the host announced Major General Chen Minhua, the spotlight flashed all over Chen Minhua, and a reporter asked: you have been greatly demented, some people have questions about your promotion, what do you think of the director, why dont you answer our questions? Its controversial that major general Chens case of private smoking has been recorded. But you are still promoted to major general today. As soon as Tsai ing Wen left, someone took Chen Minhua with him. He didnt take a photo with his family like others. He was chased by the media twice in a row.

It is understood that there are five generals to be promoted this time, including Zhang Yuanbin, director of the science and technology center of Taiwans intelligence department, Jiang Zhengguo, under director of logistics of the headquarters of the staff, Huang Zhiwei, chief of staff of the headquarters of the air force, Chen Shiwei, director of military law of the Defense Department, and Jiang Guanghua, deputy commander of the operational command of the air force. The 15 people promoted to major general include Peng Guozhou, the director of the office of the chief of staff, Zhang Xi, the director of the military law department of Taiwans Defense Department, Li Jie, the commander of the reserve command of the northern region, and Li Qihuan, the chief of staff of the Huadong defense command of Taiwans army.

In July 2019, the security personnel of the DPP authorities were suspected of using Tsai ing Wens visit opportunity to order 9800 cigarettes for private transportation, setting a record for the highest number of cigarettes carried in Taoyuan airport. According to the survey and statistics, 76 people were involved in the case, which was also the first news in the island by the Taiwan media judges in 2019. Unexpectedly, less than a year later, the supervisory organ of CAI administration was still working on the investigation report of private smoking case. Because the management supervisor was indeed promoted to major general by Chen Minhua, who had been recorded as a great mistake, there was a great deal of uproar in the island.

The picture shows the comments of netizens

Take responsibility for the Lord, and your position will rise all the way. Netizens saw through the tricks of the DPP authorities and satirized: it doesnt matter if it matters. For the most greedy back to the black pot, of course, the demerit and promotion! Cai ban is really the stinky zongzi tied together by steamers. Ability is not important. Obedience and cooperation with the garbage party are the conditions for promotion. Its Taiwans value to be a good party to hide the filth and get rich through losing elections, cheating cases and recording demerits? Xiaoming asked her mother why she could still be the monitor for recording major demerits. She replied because she had a better relationship with her teacher.

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