Mayor Kaohsiung elects KMT to confirm Li Meizhen: fresh image

 Mayor Kaohsiung elects KMT to confirm Li Meizhen: fresh image

Li Meizhen (picture source: Lianhe News Network)

Overseas network, June 23 (Xinhua) - Taiwans United News Network and other media reported on June 23 that the registration for the by election of Kaohsiung mayor was closed on the 24th, and the Kuomintang planned to announce the candidates for the by election of Kaohsiung mayor tonight. Li Meizhen, a member of the city of Kaohsiung of the Kuomintang, is expected to be out of the line, and will fight Chen Qimai, a candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party and the deputy head of the former administrative organ of the Taiwan authorities.

According to reports, on the morning of the 23rd, Li Meizhen went to the party department to have an interview with Zhuang Qiwang, the chairman of the party Department of Kaohsiung City. The party Department of Kaohsiung City held a meeting with the organization development meeting to discuss the process of introducing candidates at tomorrows regular meeting. Li Qianlong, Secretary General of the Kuomintang, said at the meeting of the Kuomintang regiment of the legislature this morning that we will report to you before 12 oclock. However, Wang Yumin, chairman of the KMTs Cultural Heritage Committee, said that due to the fact that Kaohsiung was still in a meeting to discuss details, the official announcement was postponed to the afternoon or evening.

Li Meizhen, 41 years old, holds a masters degree from the Mainland Research Institute of Sun Yat sen University in Taiwan. At present, he is the president of the youth industry of Kaohsiung City of the Kuomintang. He has been reappointed for three terms as a member of Kaohsiung City. His father is Li Rongzong, a former city councillor and the current general manager of Kaohsiung fruit and vegetable company. During her term as a member of Parliament, she attached great importance to education, early childhood care, youth and other issues. At present, she is the first convener of the social and Political Committee of the parliament.

Why Li Meizhen? According to the analysis of Taiwan media, first of all, the KMT needs to fight for the defense of the speaker of Kaohsiung City to train Li Meizhen to accumulate the energy to fight for the legislative committee of zuonan District in 2024. She is a young woman with the advantages of being in politics for a young generation and being in the local area. Another consideration is that Lanying will face the defense war of Kaohsiung City speaker next, and maintaining inner-party harmony is the top priority.

The consultation process of KMT mayor Kaohsiungs by election is arduous, which needs to be comprehensively considered from the willing candidates. A party member said that the general atmosphere of the by election was indeed unfavorable for the blue camp, but it was not an impossible task. There were still many variables in the election. During the consultation process, the Kuomintang never gave up any candidate with a higher winning rate. Li Meizhens youth, presence and fresh image have become the competitive advantages.

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