Musk: Teslas million mile battery is coming

 Musk: Teslas million mile battery is coming

It is reported that Tesla is expected to release details of its million mile battery at the battery day event.

The traditional production process sometimes leads to the formation of impurities in the lithium substrate, while reducing the lithium content in the battery can reduce the impurity pollution, but also lead to poor electrochemical performance of the battery.

In response, Tesla submitted a patent entitled synthesis method of nickel cobalt aluminum electrode, which revised the ratio of lithium to other metals, and would limit the formation of impurities in the heating process of battery material production.

This process is helpful for the development of impurity free single crystal Ni co al, and the new electrode combination enables the battery to reach more than 4000 charging cycles.

If this technology can be successfully implemented, Tesla electric vehicle is expected to be able to drive more than 1 million kilometers without replacing the battery in the future, and the life of the whole vehicle is longer than that of the fuel vehicle.

Source: editor in charge of fast technology: Xue Jingyu_ NBJS10393