Can you make money watching videos? Lawyer: short video of secret music or suspected MLM

 Can you make money watching videos? Lawyer: short video of secret music or suspected MLM

Recently, the reporter noticed that an app called secret magic cube has been popular among various wechat groups:

Spend 5 minutes to complete a task every day, and stick to the income of about 3000-5000 a year. I have no money, 0 investment, but I am willing to make efforts to share the income of star talents, about 20-300000 a month.

Someone really believes in the pie falling from the sky! My aunt and my aunts father come to my home, they have to let my family register and certify, and let us promote every day. A micro-blog netizen make complaints about it.

Is the secret music magic cube under the banner of short video really a steady profit without loss? According to a survey conducted by the reporter of the daily economic news, the truth may be far beyond your imagination; however, the problems found by lawyers after in-depth analysis of their operation mode just came to peoples attention.

Short video platform points can be bought and sold

Secret music short video can be downloaded directly in the mobile app store. However, after downloading, it cant be registered directly. You must use the invitation QR code of other users to register. After you sign up, you will be bound to the invitee.

If you want to start making money on the short video of secret music, you must first understand the two key words of the platform - secret beans and inscriptions.

According to the user agreement of the short video app of mire, mire bean is the virtual score obtained by registered users after completing the platform tasks such as watching and sharing the short video of mire short video platform. Registered users can use secret beans to freely purchase and exchange virtual gifts and other goods or services on the platform, or give the virtual gifts purchased to the host or platform creator.

The inscriptions can be understood as the ability to produce beans. The higher the level of inscriptions, the more number of secret beans can be obtained by watching the video.

Just registered, the platform will send a love inscription for free, producing 15 beans per cycle. Secret music short video user Sun Yi (pseudonym) told reporters.

Photo of short video APP page of MySpace source: screenshot of interviewees

Although in the app user agreement, secret music short video said that secret beans cannot be converted into RMB, not digital currency, and malicious speculation or transactions are strictly prohibited. But Sun Yi told reporters that the total number of secret beans is 210 million, with prices rising and falling. Its a bit like stocks.

The third key word is secret treasure. Secret treasure is the money users add to the platform. 10 yuan can buy 100 secret treasures.

According to a short video product manual obtained by the reporter, on the app, there is a section called Mile Manor. In the manor, users can release beg for beans or beg for treasure information for free exchange.

It should be noted that all the above operations are based on the premise that you must conduct ID card and face recognition authentication on the platform. At the same time, we need to spend 100 secret treasures to become VIP members of the platform. Only VIP members can upload videos on the platform.

Source: screenshot of reporter

Online Red live rewards need secret beans, exchange advertising space needs secret beans, and popular online Red needs secret beans. When the promotion stops, the platform will be listed, and after the listing, the shares of a company will appreciate. Sun Yi described the value of secret beans to reporters, there is no secret beans that cant be sold.

The number of concha bean is highly related to the number of promotion people

If you push 100 people directly, 50 more beans will be produced in a cycle. Each of these 100 people will exchange red inscriptions once, and the recommender will produce 50 more beans, which will be exchanged once. Each person exchanges orange inscriptions once, and the recommender produces 500 more beans without capping. Direct promotion of 100 people, the handling fee is also the lowest, only 20%. Do you know why to share more? Sun Yi suggested to reporters that if you want to make more money in secret music, you should vigorously promote it.

In the secret music manor, you need to pay the corresponding handling fee to exchange secret beans for secret treasures. If it has never been promoted, the service charge will be 50%. If four people are successfully promoted, the service charge will be reduced to 28%, and the minimum service charge will be 20%.

Sun Yi stressed that activity is a key factor in determining the number of secret beans, including individual activity, bonus activity and team activity. The more inscriptions, the more active the individual is. If a new user is directly recommended to register for real name authentication, there will be a 5% bonus activity. If a direct user has an inscription task at any time, there will be a 5% bonus activity. Team activity is determined by the total activity value of your direct push users. Different team activity can receive different levels of inscriptions and enjoy different proportions of global transaction dividends.

According to Sun Yi, the promotion system of secret music has four levels, including Xiaoda, yixingda, erxingda and sanxingda. The requirement of small talents is to push 15 people directly, and the total active value of the team is 500; the requirement of one star talents is to push 20 people directly, and at the same time, two small talents are to be cultivated, with a total active value of 2000; the requirement of two star talents is to push 30 people directly, two of them are to push one star talents, with a total active value of 10000; the requirement of three star talents is to push 50 people directly, including two star talents, with a total active value of 100000.

Do not want to promote, you can also directly invest in inscriptions. For example, when you exchange a yellow inscription, you need 500 secret beans. After you finish watching the video, you can get 650 secret beans through the Yellow inscription, and you can earn 150 secret beans.

Reporters in the official account of the official video of secret music video in May 22nd showed that the registration amount of secret music users was 35 million. At the same time, Milo has held partner exchange and sharing meetings and partner consensus training sessions in Hefei, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Hohhot, Yinchuan, Jinan, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shanghai, Yiwu and other cities.

Source: Secret official account of secret Music Video

According to the short video app of Milo, the operator of the platform is Zhejiang Milo Magic Cube Network Technology Co., Ltd. According to qixinbao, secret magic cube was founded on November 28, 2019. Jin Renhui is the actual controller of the company and holds 54.4% of the companys shares.

Lawyer: risk of MLM

Is there any legal risk in the operation mode of secret magic cube? Yu Zongwei, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi (Shanghai) law firm, told reporters that according to the short video website of secret musicuff08 uff09With the introduction of the product manual, the main operation mode of secret magic cube is to take the virtual currency secret beans issued by it as the core, the secret treasure formed by recharging French coins as the intermediate conversion, and the exchange between secret beans and secret treasures as the basis Use secret treasure to reward the gifts you get as the way to withdraw. Under this operation mode, it may be suspected of MLM.

Secret beans of secret music magic cube can be obtained by promoting friends. Because friends can contribute to promoters by watching videos, giving rewards, live broadcasting, sharing and other active behaviors, and secret beans form a value corresponding relationship between secret treasures, gifts and French coins, so secret beans meet the recognition requirements of economic interests and meet the requirements of component 1.

Although users of secret magic cube can only get secret beans through their own active behavior through non promotion of friends, promotion of friends is also an important source of secret beans. And although the number of promotion friends is not the only way to get secret beans, the basic determinant of the number of active behaviors such as watching videos, giving rewards, live broadcasting and sharing is the number of promotion friends. Although the mode of secret music does not fully meet the requirements of two and three, there are still corresponding risks.

As for the four elements, the key to whether secret music magic cube is suspected of pyramid selling is whether it is constituted to seek illegal interests. Although the concept of illegal interests is not clearly defined in the current laws and regulations, it is generally believed that illegal interests refer to the interests obtained by using illegal means. In practice, the first three elements constitute the direct determination of illegal means, so as to determine the establishment of the four elements u3002

Source: screenshot of reporter

As for the operation mode of short video of secret music, the reporter called the official website of secret music magic cube many times, and no one answered. The reporter sent an interview email to his official website email, but as of the time of publishing, there was no response.

Xixi smart building security told reporters that the sixth floor office is the secret magic cube company, currently in the decoration, just moved here, these days, the decoration period also did not have their companys people.

However, in the past two months, there have been two business exceptions in the industrial and commercial information of secret magic cube, both of which are caused by the inability to contact through the registered residence or business place, one on April 20 and the other on May 25. According to the industrial and commercial change records, the company address of secret magic cube was changed from Taikang Middle Road, Shounan street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City to Wener West Road, Xixi smart building, Xihu District, Hangzhou city on May 8.

On June 22, the reporter came to the industrial and commercial registration address of secret magic cube of Xixi wisdom building again. A large number of office desks and chairs have been placed on the site, and many workers are working on them. A worker said that the place is the secret magic cube company, which is now doing sanitation, but it is not clear when the company will move in.

Secret magic cube business registration address June 22, photographed by reporter Xiao le

Li Lin (pseudonym), who is familiar with this kind of platform, told reporters that the short video of secret music is the same as an app called evangelical short video.

Evangelical short video app can be downloaded directly in Apple App store. The invitation code is required for registration. After registration, only the video can be viewed. Other further operations need real name authentication.

According to the official Weibo introduction of short evangelical video, the play method of evangelical is to watch the praise video to do the task, complete the daily task to get the peace fruit, improve the level of activity, the higher the level, the more the income. The fruits of peace in the gospel are like the beans on the platform of secret music, and the inscriptions on secret music are called volumes in the gospel. Pingan fruit can be used for shopping, live broadcast reward, popular exchange, game recharge, advertising space exchange, company dividend equity exchange, this is the introduction of the application scenario of Pingan fruit by evangelical official micro.

So, how to get more peace fruits? Just like secret music, one way is to share the gospel with friends through the promotion of QR code and real name authentication. The more friends you share, the more active you will be and the more peace fruits you will have. The second way is to exchange various volumes. The higher the level of different volumes is, the higher the activity is, and the more Pingan fruits are produced. You can exchange 10 different volumes at the same time. After the volume expires for 45 days, you can vote again.

Gospels also set up a star talent system according to the number and activity of users direct push. Different stars give different grades of books and enjoy different proportions of global dividends. For example, for the lowest level star elites, 20 people are required to push directly, and 45 days of blue intermediate volume can be given; for one star elites, 20 people are required to push directly, and two of the 20 people are allowed to push directly, and 45 days of silver primary volume can be given.

The operator of evangelical short video is Luzhou Mingsi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Qixinbao shows that the company was founded on December 17, 2018, and is jointly held by three natural persons, Lei Li, Chen Guihua and Lei Xiangshun. Evangelical official wechat shows that the company held an app launch conference on June 20, 2019. After that, offline exchanges were held in Weifang, Handan, Jiaozhou and other places.

Li Lin said that from the short videos of huoniu and kuyu in 2018, to the short videos of durian, gospel, meeting, Jiyou and Huoqu in 2019, to the current short videos of Miaoyin and secret music, each one has a similar operation mode.

In the short video post bar of gospel, reporters also saw the publicity of various new platforms. Secret music has become the past for us! We fantasize that if we have another chance, we will seize it and tell you that its coming. Its coming. The short video live broadcast of palm top treasure. Todays official internal test begins. As long as the registration is completed, 18 classes of dragon balls will be delivered. The intensity is unprecedented. . Concave audio short video, internal layout line! This is a big project to be opened during the period of June 10 this month, not a project that is pushed out randomly.

Just before the press release, Sun Yi also sent a piece of great good news -- secret music short video has more than 50 million members in just four months, the first in the popularity of the whole network, and the daily advertising revenue is more than 4 million yuan. With the rapid growth of the number of members every day, it is no problem to break through the number of hundreds of millions of members by the end of the year. With big data, the companys annual revenue will be at the bottom of 10 billion yuan All of us need to speed up our efforts to reach the dividend level. This is a pipe digging business. Once we dig through, we are all the heroes of the companys early promotion and will enjoy permanent dividend income!

Xiao Shiqing, an intern, also contributed to this paper

Source: editor in charge of daily economic news: Yang Bin_ NF4368