Huang Jingyu: calmly face doubts and be a better self

 Huang Jingyu: calmly face doubts and be a better self

Before the official interview, Huang Jingyu bowed his head and played with his hands, which let the hand control people feel empty. After the machine and equipment are debugged, he immediately adjusted his state, with bright and vivid eyes.

Huang Jingyu plays Song Lin, the president of Wanfeng group in the play. He is domineering and humorous. When the plot is just launched, there are often comments such as how to wear leather clothes for the president in the screen. But in the eyes of Song Lin Ben Lin, they think that these views may be solidified by the image of the president in some movies and TV plays. Many presidents in life are not all suits. Song Lin is a very young president and loves motorcycles. He doesnt have to wear a suit every day. Maybe the characters will be more vivid.

Speaking of happiness, within reach! u300bThe key word in my mind is eye-catching. Song Lin, played by Huang Jingyu, and Zhou Fang, played by Dili Reba, are two lovers. They grow up hand in hand from the beginning to the end. They have also experienced sweet and heartbreaking events. As for Song Lins and Zhou Fangs feelings, there is a point of view that has always been an unsolved mystery in history, which also attracted Huang Jingyus attention: why is Song Lin breaking up with Zhou Fang sweeter than falling in love? According to Huang Jingyu, Song Lin and Zhou Fang were gradually attracted to each other from their initial inability to see each other. After confirming their relationship, they experienced a brief break-up. The latter two may find out the reason why they didnt break up, but they both belong to a relatively strong character, who cant pull down their faces and bow their heads first, so they have been in a relatively ambiguous state, and have such a strange and fun stage of getting along.

When talking about the funny things about shooting, Huang Jingyu nodded a lot, thought for a long time, and said: every time I am asked about the funny things about shooting, it makes me very big. Then he thought for a while, and finally he said, I remember that I love to eat sausage very much. I do a lot of sausage every day.

Time of disclosure: in this interview, the essence of Huang Jingyus terrifying king is highlighted again. At the end of the interaction, I asked him if he could lift the fans hair and hair benefits online. He said that it was a bit difficult to lift it, and if he could help him lift the PS head curtain, even if he completed the lifting action Also OK, on the basis of serious and funny, or lost!

u2014u2014u2014u2014A good actor is one who can show the feeling in his heart, enlarge or reduce it.

In happiness, at your fingertips! u300bIn, Huang Jingyus acting skill is affirmed again. Many netizens praised him for his excellent acting skills of coming back from the outside to take care of Zhou Fang. In the plot, Song Lin was on a busy job when he went out. Later, when his younger sister told him that Zhou Fangsheng was ill, he hurried back to take care of him. Knowing that Zhou Fangsheng was ill, he didnt show a very pompous mood, but took a very realistic state to perform. There was no outburst of emotion, nor the feeling of being defeated and collapsed in a moment when hearing the news. Instead, we had a good grasp of the gradual degree of impatience.

Disclosure time: in fact, most of the performance methods and details of the play are designed by Huang Jingyu himself. Every day, the crew has a very fast rhythm and a huge workload. The actors also need to take time to think about the characters. Think about a general frame of characters first, and then think about your state when everything happens. In fact, its more about yourself and your performance, and few external factors interfere in it, he said

u2014u2014u2014u2014I think Im very suitable for bodyguard, and I want to try more different types of roles.

Speaking of the name Huang Jingyu, many of his classic images will flash in my mind. Mingming has a pair of milky little tiger teeth, but it doesnt affect him to play some tough guy roles. For example, Gu Shun, the sniper in operation in the Red Sea and Li Fei, the anti drug police officer in operation ice breaking... He looks very a, and he can easily control the role of young elites with such good body support as wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs and strong muscles. In the first love of a thousand year old, Helan Jingting, an adult of fox fairy, is happy and within reach! u300bSong Lin, President of China... Huang Jingyu has made outstanding achievements.

When it comes to receiving plays, Huang Jingyu has three criteria in mind: theme, time and whether he can interpret the role well. Compared with fixing in a suitable role type to break through constantly, he hopes to get out of the comfort circle and try more diversified role types. He also thinks that he is suitable for comedy, because he always tends to interpret some serious things in a humorous way. At the same time, he also wants to challenge the character of the extreme.

After thinking for a while, he added, I really want to play the role of bodyguard and civilian hero. With a smile on his lips, he showed his standard little tiger teeth.

u2014u2014u2014u2014I hope I can have a little private space when Im not working.

Just a while before the interview, Huang Jingyu wrote on his microblog to scold the poachers: we live in the real world, not the world of Truman. In response to this, I asked him why he had sent such a direct message at that time. It can be seen from his reply that he is very rational in his view of secretly taking photos and having private meals. Because most of the time in our daily life is occupied by work, we are looking forward to a little private space when we are not working.

This northeast boy, with his own sense of humor, also has a typical Sagittarius characteristics, love freedom, like a relaxed life. He has said more than once that he is looking forward to living by the sea, to unknown travel and challenging things. At the same time, he also has Sagittarius emotional and romantic.

I remember in the variety show let go of my North nose, Huang Jingyu cried because he was homesick. He said he was afraid that his family would not be able to wait for his efforts for too long. He knew that if he wanted a good life, he could not get rid of his busy work and dedication. When you are tired and stressed at work, family members are your emotional concerns, he said. This kind of emotion supports us behind, will let the life be full of sunlight, the life has the goal

As a public figure, it is inevitable to face all kinds of comments. People will always believe what they are willing to believe, so there will be some black comments. In this regard, Huang Jingyu said that everyone has different views and viewpoints, which can be understood. He will continue to work hard to do what he should do well, and output more works that everyone likes and can bring positive energy to people.

This is Huang Jingyu, a young actor with a stubborn spirit and a very thorough life.

Huang Jingyu: a frank life

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