Jilin Biao 19: three point reversal; Fujian dawangjian 38 + 14 generation huaibo 25 points

 Jilin Biao 19: three point reversal; Fujian dawangjian 38 + 14 generation huaibo 25 points

Fujian team: Wang Zhelin 38 points 14 rebounds 5 assists, Chen linjian 25 points 4 rebounds, Lawson 15 points 5 rebounds 7 assists, Huang Yichao 16 points.

Event replay:

In the next competition, Huang Yichao scored three points as soon as he came up. Lawson made a stop jump shot, and the difference continued to expand. Dai huaibo hit two and three points in a row to stop the bleeding for Jilin team. Hill changes direction to break through, completes a horse archery style projective. Wang Zhelin takes off the backboard, throws out the long pass, Chen linjian catches the ball and hits the layup. Liu Tianyi made a positive breakthrough, hitting and throwing against the defensive player. The last attack in half-time, Chen linjian missed the shot, Wang Zhelin forced to pick the board and hit. After half-time, Fujian led 57-49.

Yi Bian fights again. Lawson breaks through the attraction bag and returns that Wang Zhelin has hit the mid shot. Jiang Yuxing fought for rebounds and hit the layup. Kami ran drives with the ball, Wang Zhelin follows up and catches the ball with his hands clasped. Cui Jinming hit back three points and Jilin narrowed the difference. Wang Zhelin sent a wonderful pass, and he Chongda caught the ball easily. With 3 minutes and 33 seconds left in the festival, Cui Jinming broke through the layup and was sent a volleyball hat by Wang Zhelin. In 2:07, Wang Zhelin made a fake shot outside the three-point line and scored a layup. After three quarters, Fujian led by 82-75.

At the end of the game, Jilin shooters began to play. Hill, Dai huaibo and Cui Jinming hit long-range shots continuously. With Dai huaibos three points, Jilin team has surpassed the score. Chen linjian, Wang Zhelin and Dai huaibo staged a three-point shooting battle. Hills sudden layup continued to hit, and Jilin took the initiative. Huang Yijian and Chen linjian hit three points in succession. Cui Jinming got two penalties. Wang Zhelin turned around and shot three points. He still entered! Chen Lin was adamant and missed three points, while Cui Jinming got two penalties and one. Finally, Jilin reversed Fujian by 112-107.

Starting from both sides:

Fujian team: Lawson, kamiran, Chen linjian, he Chongda, Wang Zhelin