European and American version of priceless sister who do you pick?

 European and American version of priceless sister who do you pick?

Take a look at the European and American version of priceless sister who hit the c-spot in your heart:

The top fashion magazines are constantly invited for cooperation, and the red carpet with shining stars has soft legs. It can be said that it is the representative of young and promising sister.


Kristen Stewart, the twilight girl, was born in 1990, like Emma Watson, and is 30. With the role of Bella in twilight, she became famous at one stroke, and later became the favorite of the fashion circle due to her outgoing personality and exquisite beauty.

Treason, boldness and frankness are her labels. She takes off her high-heeled shoes every time the red carpet reaches half, and has controversy and applause at the same time.


Born in 1984, Scarlett Johansson, 36, has two marriages and a lovely daughter. As a child star, she starred in many classic works, such as the girl with pearl earrings and the avenger alliance,

Not long ago, Scarlett Johansson was nominated for the Golden Globe, the American actors Union and the British Academy of film for her first Oscar nomination for her role in Nicole in marriage story!

In May last year, Anne finally left her name on the Hollywood avenue of fame and got her own star. Although the outside world has never stopped arguing about her, she has also surprised everyone by performing again and again.


She was born in 1975 and is 45 years old. Although she has blonde hair and blue eyes, she is still an actress from South Africa. After immigrating to the United States at the age of 17, he started his acting career and acted in many excellent works such as the devils head, becoming the first Oscar winner in South Africa.

The real Dior perfume that she deducts is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is really the goddess of the screen.

Charlize Theron ranked ninth on Forbes list of the worlds highest paid actresses last year, which was excellent! She also has the right temperament to take on the role in the awards ceremony.

When it comes to priceless sister, how can it be less than big devil Cate Blanchett,

Any eyes, a side face, are all exquisite and full marks of domineering noble sister!

Born in 1965, CateBlanchett, 51, is still active on the screen and red carpet, still loved by fans and a representative of outstanding women.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Xu_ NQ7809