28 points, 6 rebounds, 6 steals, 8 fast breaks! Is Mayos CBA debut OK?

 28 points, 6 rebounds, 6 steals, 8 fast breaks! Is Mayos CBA debut OK?

After entering the second quarter, Mayo and his teammates gradually become proficient. He took two passes from his teammates and made a fast break, one of which was 2 + 1. In addition, Mayo also has a dribble in the middle of the shot, plus a long-range three-point hit. The above series of individual attacks gave Mayo 16 points at the end of half-time.

Although the half-time individual scores double, the hit rate also has the recovery. But most of Mayos offensive success comes from fast break and vacancy opportunities. When encountering the other sides tough confrontation, Mayo will appear the phenomenon of unstable dribbling, wrong walking and so on, and even once received a pass back from his teammates to form a butter hand, his physical condition is still worrying.

After Yi Bian fought again, Mayo hit a three-point shot first, then made a layup near the midline. In the last quarter, Mayo continued to make contributions through three-point jump shots and steals. Liaoning was 6 points behind in 1:51 before the end of the game. Mayo hit the basket with the ball and made a foul. He was still trying to catch up with points in 2 penalties. With the final attack Mayo three points, Liaoning team lost by 4 points, Mayos personal score locked in 28 points.

Previously, former Shansi coach Xu jinzhe had coached Mayos team in the Southeast Asian ABL League. Xu jinzhe said that todays Mayo is more willing to cooperate with the team and lower his stance to assist the role of local players to help attack. The performance of Mayo in this match is in line with this evaluation. After all, its Mayos CBA debut. He has more opportunities to show his value in the future games.