Chen Yingjuns last 14 points + Guo Allens 32 points at the critical moment of taking over

 Chen Yingjuns last 14 points + Guo Allens 32 points at the critical moment of taking over

The Liaoning teams right to attack and fire in the next quarter belongs to foreign aid Mayo, and Guo Allen will not have many mobile phones. In the third quarter after Yi Bians rematch, Aaron Guo became the main attack point of the team again, playing the advantage of speed to lay up and jump shot continuously to get points. With a single 12 point offensive firepower, Guo helped Liaoning team form a stalemate with the opponent in this section.

At the end of the showdown, Aaron Guo scored seven points in a row, and his personal score reached 30. However, after that, he was dumbed down in the offensive end. Instead, Chen Yingjun, Taiwan guard of Guangzhou team, took over the game. Before that, Chen Yingjun, who was not outstanding, hit two three-point shots in a row, and made a 2 + 1 breakthrough against Guo Allen, closing the gap quickly.

Three and a half minutes before the end of the game, Chen Yingjun got the free throw line jump shot, and Guangzhou Team exceeded 1 point. Then he made a three-point long-range shot, expanding the lead to 4 points and stopping Liaoning team. After the match went on, Chen Yingjuns fake action point of holding the ball flew Liu Zhixuans defense, receiving the ball and jumping to hit the board, and Guangzhou team basically established the victory with 6 points ahead. And Aaron Guo only added two more points to the layup when he was chasing the point, which was unable to change the situation.

Aaron Guo scored 32 points in the whole game, which set a new personal season scoring record. Although he also contributed 9 points in the last quarter, his attack was almost invisible in the decisive moment. On the contrary, Chen Yingjuns 14 points in the last quarter saw blood. This season, his attack at the critical moment has always been reliable. Chen Yingjun scored 25 points at the critical moment in the first 30 rounds of the regular match, ranking fifth among the local players. In todays World War I, he once again showed his true character of key Sir.

In the critical period, Liaoning team was defeated by 4 points. Under the dazzling light of Chen Yingjuns last festival, Guo Allen had no choice but to enter the empty cutting group.