What about China Unicom removing 2G network function machine users?

 What about China Unicom removing 2G network function machine users?

1u3001 2G users exceeded expectations

According to the latest data from the Ministry of industry and information technology, by the end of May, there were 1.592 billion mobile phone users in China, including 1.319 billion mobile Internet (3G + 4G) users. According to this data, we calculated that the number of 2G users on the network in China is 273 million, accounting for 17.15% of the total number of mobile phone users, slightly less than one fifth. This scale still exceeds many peoples expectations.

According to the proportion of mobile phone users of the three major operators, we can roughly calculate that the number of 2G users of China Unicom in the network is about 51.5 million. Although the population of 51.5 million is insignificant compared with the total population of 1.4 billion in China, this figure not only exceeds the total population of many countries, but also most of them are vulnerable groups with poor economic capacity.

Although it has been more than 11 years since 3G licensing business and more than 6 years since 4G licensing business, 2G users have not completely disappeared with the continuous leap of 3G + 4G user scale. Among them, there are not only the reasons of unbalanced economic development in different regions, but also the influence of 2G network coverage. After all, Chinas 2G network is the best mobile communication network in the world.

2u3001 It is necessary to promote the replacement of 2G users

As early as two years ago, the three major operators including China Unicom launched a large-scale 2G user migration work with terminal manufacturers. Operators try to use ultra-low price 4G package + ultra-low price 4G terminal to transfer all 2G users in stock to 4G network. From the perspective of such large-scale 2G users, this work needs to be implemented urgently.

According to our survey, most of the existing 2G users are in remote mountainous areas or rural areas. On the one hand, the local economic conditions limit the communication consumption capacity of these users, on the other hand, there is a large gap in the coverage of 4G network in remote areas. These become the objective factors of 2G users.

Operators stop providing 2G network services, which not only helps them focus on promoting 5g high-quality development, but also saves a lot of construction and maintenance funds objectively. From the perspective of safeguarding the vital interests of the people, it is necessary for operators to provide preferential solutions to help the existing 2G users move to 4G network.

3u3001 Network upgrade has become a hot topic

At present, 5g competition has become the focus for countries to show their technological strength. On the way of competing for 5gs leading position in the world, Chinas operators have been in the forefront of the world. China Mobile alone has the largest 5g base station in the world. If China Unicom and China Telecom add 5g base stations, the total number of 5g base stations in China will further expand the distance from the second place.

Although Chinas operators have made some achievements in 5g global competition, the three operators still bear the burden of 2G and 3G networks. According to the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the total number of 2G and 3G users in China is about 300 million. In order to ensure the communication needs of these users, operators have to pay huge resources to maintain the smooth communication.

China Unicoms massive dismantling of 2G network equipment is actually what China Mobile and China Telecom want to do. It can be said that with the continuous increase of 5g network construction, the demand for operators to dismantle 2G and 3G network equipment will be stronger. We believe that the interests of the whole are the common interests of all. Of course, it is the responsibility of operators to help the existing 2G and 3G users to migrate to 4G and 5g networks.

There are a lot of discussions about operators stopping 2G and 3G network services on the network. Although the regulatory authorities havent clearly stated how to guarantee the communication rights and interests of 2G and 3G users in stock, we hope that operators can fully consider the vital interests of users in stock and help these users to move by providing a variety of preferential schemes.

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