Trump criticized Obama for surveillance with three traitors

 Trump criticized Obama for surveillance with three traitors

Capitol Hill: trump says Obama may be guilty of treason

Trump made the allegations in an interview with CBN on Monday, Capitol Hill reported. But he did not elaborate on his specific allegations, but reiterated earlier claims that the Obama administration monitored its campaign in the course of the investigation.

Theyve been monitoring my campaign, trump told CBN Tuesday. It turns out Im right. Lets see what theyre going to do now.

Trump and his allies have long accused FBI agents of using their campaign as part of an investigation into Russias interference in the election, the Capitol Hill newspaper said Tuesday. The investigation is now being taken over by federal prosecutor John Durham.

Trump said he looked forward to the results of Durhams investigation into the causes of Russias investigation. Trump said the prosecutor was highly respected and praised attorney general Barr.

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