Japan changed the name of Diaoyu Island administrative region to Taiwan authorities: blame mainland official ships

 Japan changed the name of Diaoyu Island administrative region to Taiwan authorities: blame mainland official ships

However, the DPP authorities have a cold and weak attitude towards the Japanese sides actions, and they continue their consistent position of flattering Japan on the issue of Diaoyu Islands.

Information chart: Interview chart of Zhang dunhan from China Appraisal Society

Japan unilaterally referred to Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands as Senkaku Islands, which were under the management of Shiyuan City, Okinawa County, with the detailed address of 2392, Dengye City, Shiyuan City, Okinawa county. In the near future, Japan has not converged on this issue, but intensified.

On October 22, Ishigaki City Council of Okinawa, Japan, approved a plan to change the name of the administrative region where Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are located, from Dengye city to Dengye City Senkaku, which is planned to be implemented from October 1.

Tsai did not respond to Japans unilateral renaming of the Diaoyu Islands. However, Zhang dunhan, a spokesman for Tsai ing Wens office, responded to the issue in an interview with the media on the Diaoyu Island issue Tuesday.

Zhang first repeated his consistent position according to the book when he was interviewed, according to the Taiwan media Lianhe daily. Later, he gave the responsibility of changing the name of the Diaoyu Island to the mainland, claiming that it was because the official captain of the mainland had been harassing fishermen in the relevant sea areas since his time, which led to the storm.

In fact, a spokesperson of the Ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly said that the cruise law enforcement by Chinese coast guard ships in the waters of Diaoyu Islands is a normal official activity for China to exercise its jurisdiction, which is beyond reproach.

It is worth noting that, according to Kyodo news agency of Japan, Japan has found that Chinese coast guard ships have been patrolling the waters near the Diaoyu Islands for 70 consecutive days, the longest consecutive days since the Japanese government announced the so-called nationalization of the Diaoyu Islands in September 2012. Japans Shiji news agency said China intends to strengthen its control over the Diaoyu Islands.

On the day of the so-called Diaoyu Island renamed bill passed by Ishigaki Municipal Council of Okinawa County, Japan, the 2502 fleet of Chinese coast guard cruised in the territorial sea of Diaoyu Island.

Data chart: CCTV video screenshot of Chinas coast guard ship enforcing law in the waters near Diaoyu Island

After putting the blame on the mainland, the DPP authorities began to flatter Japan. Zhang dunhan said that the Taiwan foreign affairs department had expressed serious concern to the Japanese side on the 22nd, we will maintain regional peace and stability, and any provocation and redundant actions by all parties are unnecessary.

This unimportant response reminds us of the news that the Foreign Affairs Department of Taiwan also responded to the plan to rename the Diaoyu Island from Japan at the beginning of this month, and the spokesperson at that time also repeatedly referred to the so-called Taiwan Japan Friendship and sincerely appealed to Ishigaki City Council of Japan to not let local affairs affect the comprehensive friendly partnership between Taiwan and Japan.

The DPP authorities have a cold and weak attitude towards the issue of changing the name of Diaoyu Island, which has aroused strong dissatisfaction from some people of insight in the island, especially some Baodiao groups.

Before that, Yilan County Council took the lead in passing the interim motion on June 11, suggesting that the county government change the name of Diaoyu Island (Taiwan called Diaoyutai) to Toucheng Diaoyutai. After Ishigaki city announced the name change, some Baodiao groups in Taiwan went to Japan Taiwan Exchange Association to protest, chanting Diaoyu Island is our and other slogans on the spot. Some people also raised five-star red flags during the protest.

Picture from Taiwan media

In July, the annual Hanguang exercise of the Taiwan army is about to be held. It is said that this years exercise will even simulate the PLA intends to hijack Tsai ing Wen. On the 16th, Lianhe daily also published a comment article satirizing that compared with these highly performing exercises, it is more strategic for Taiwans military to send ships to the Diaoyu Islands to declare sovereignty.

On the Diaoyu Island issue, Chinas position is clear and consistent.

Chinas foreign ministry has said many times before that the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have been Chinas inherent territory since ancient times. No matter what Japan says or does, this fact cannot be changed. China has a full historical and legal basis for its sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, and its determination to safeguard its territorial sovereignty is unswerving.

In addition, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office has repeatedly said that compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait have the responsibility to safeguard Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity. They should think hard and work hard together to safeguard the overall and fundamental interests of the Chinese nation.

On June 22, foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference that Japans adoption of the so-called renaming bill is a serious provocation to Chinas territorial sovereignty, is illegal and invalid, and cannot change the fact that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. We firmly oppose the relevant actions of Japan. China has made solemn representations to Japan through diplomatic channels and reserves the right to make further responses.

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