Under Secretary General of the State Council: Hubei should be prepared for the possible epidemic situation in autumn and winter

 Under Secretary General of the State Council: Hubei should be prepared for the possible epidemic situation in autumn and winter

Ding Xiangyang pointed out that in recent years, Hubeis epidemic prevention and control work has been strong, rhythmic and effective, and the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control is good. We should do a good job of ideological preparation and work preparation for a long time of normalized scientific and accurate prevention and control, continue to grasp various measures of external input prevention and internal rebound prevention, compact the four responsibilities, and ensure that we dare to take action, get out of the right hand, take the right hand and deal with sporadic and sporadic cases quickly and decisively. We should take precautions and prepare for the possible epidemic situation in autumn and winter. We should adhere to the principle of first-hand normalization prevention and control, first-hand economic and social development, fully implement the tasks of six stabilities and six guarantees, make greater efforts to integrate the central support package of Hubei policies, make full use of various policies and measures, especially the financial support policies, to help small and micro enterprises get through difficulties and resume development; we should put stable employment in a prominent position, strengthen vocational skills training, and do a good job in Colleges and universities Graduates, migrant workers, veterans and other key groups are employed.

We should be brave to point out that the epidemic situation will not be lifted and the prevention and control will not be relaxed for a moment. We should always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the sense of responsibility and caution, strengthen the bottom line thinking and risk awareness, and plug all holes and loopholes that may lead to the rebound of the epidemic situation. We should adhere to the awareness of prevention and control, the leadership system, wartime mechanism and command system of epidemic prevention and control, the combination of normalized prevention and control and local emergency response, and constantly consolidate and expand the hard won decisive achievements.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control in our province has entered a new stage. All prevention and control measures should be more scientific, accurate, targeted and effective. What should be strengthened, what should be adjusted, and what should be adhered to should be strengthened. We should take the import of foreign defense as the top priority and top priority, conscientiously implement the relevant requirements of the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council, and further strengthen the management of personnel coming to Hubei and returning to Hubei in medium and high-risk areas; strengthen the analysis and application of big data, and the health management of key personnel, with firm attitude, rapid action and strong measures; further strengthen the prevention and control of imported epidemics, and optimize We will develop a mechanism to guarantee entry inspection and implement entry epidemic prevention measures. We need to do a better job in the management and control of residential areas and public places, and do a good job in the sampling and testing of agricultural markets, supermarkets, food cold chain enterprises and other items, the centralized remediation of the environment and the protection and supervision of employees. We should continue to standardize the closed-loop management of fever clinic and give full play to the role of trigger point and sentry. To optimize and upgrade the health code, provide support for the safe and orderly flow of personnel.

Political affairs noted that in May this year, with the approval of the Central Committee, the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council set up a liaison group, with Ding Xiangyang as the group leader and Yu Xuejun as the Deputy group leader. The main responsibilities of the liaison group are to timely understand and reflect the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, urge the implementation of various prevention and control measures, consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control, strictly prevent the outbreak from rebounding, take into account the situation of returning to work, production and school, and undertake other tasks assigned by the leaders.

In the past two months, Ding Xiangyang led a contact group to go deep into Wuhan comprehensive transportation station, agricultural trade market, community, enterprise, University, etc., to check and guide the normalized prevention and control work.

On June 15, Ding Xiangyang led a team to inspect the agricultural and sideline products trading market in Baishazhou, Wuhan.

The contact group pointed out that agricultural trade market personnel from all directions, with dense flow of people and great mobility, coupled with the difficulty of environmental health management due to the transaction of live poultry and aquatic products, there is a certain risk of virus transmission, which is the key area of epidemic prevention and control. At present, the emergency response level of Hubei Province has been reduced from the second level to the third level, but there must be no blind optimism and slack thinking. We should carry out the Patriotic Health Campaign in the new era, focus on the elimination of agricultural trade market, catering places and logistics, and implement the prevention and control system such as environmental health. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the re investigation of prevention and control loopholes, the re reinforcement of prevention and control key points, and the re implementation of prevention and control requirements.

The contact group stressed that the normalization of epidemic prevention and control is to implement three requirements: establish standards, clarify responsibilities and implement accurately. The prevention and control standards should be scientific, clear, operable and able to check, specifically to achieve 5 have 3 strict, that is, all enterprises and institutions should have protection guidelines, prevention and control management system and responsible person, protective materials and equipment, medical and medical support, observation room and transfer arrangement; medical and health departments should achieve three strict: strict management of fever outpatient setting, serious epidemiological investigation and strict prevention Hospital infection.

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