Two people buy the best kitchen products, delicious and healthy cooking in the Dragon Boat Festival of Gome

 Two people buy the best kitchen products, delicious and healthy cooking in the Dragon Boat Festival of Gome

This dl-3452 sandwich breakfast machine produced by Dongling. In addition to the main machine of the breakfast machine, there are also frying pan, cooking pan, steamer, wooden shovel and two sandwich baking pans installed in place. In this way, in addition to a variety of baking pans, there is also a set of cooking pans more than many sandwich breakfast machines, so the functions are more diversified. There are four kinds of baking plates in the high-end version, including waffle baking plate, doughnut baking plate, cake baking plate and fruit tart baking plate.

The appearance design of Dongling sandwich breakfast machine is also the simple style of walking. The mellow and strong lines are integrated into it. The color matching of sunset orange also makes it full of small fresh feeling. The breakfast machine adopts the partition design, so the two knobs are also controlled by the partition. The left controls the sandwich baking area, and the right controls the cooking and frying area. Frying pan is responsible for frying, boiling pan is responsible for boiling, and steaming can be realized when the steamer is put on, which truly realizes the full function. In the sandwich baking area, the baking tray is detachable. After use, the detachable baking tray will be more convenient to clean up, and it will be more playable. You can change different styles of baking tray to bake more delicious food. With it, you can prepare different kinds of breakfast every day and take care of different tastes of different people at home.

Joyoung electric oven kx12-j81 household mini baking multifunction

The oven is simplified. Only two control knobs are set, one for fire control and one for time control. As long as you select the on fire, on fire or on and off fire mode, and then set the time, the oven can start to work. In addition to the convenience of use, the most outstanding advantage of this oven is its heating and temperature control ability. Generally, it takes about 15-20 minutes for the oven to preheat. This oven can heat up to 200 u2103 in about 3 minutes, which greatly saves time. As a small body, you can feel all kinds of exquisite experience in Dragon Boat Festival.

Hyundai wanghong multi functional cooking pot qc-hg1228

Intelligent cooking, food grade non stick coating, no frying, no scorching, not only light smoke and less oil, but also easy to clean. After washing, the cloth will be clean. Distribution of meatball plate, six disk, deep baking plate, suitable for all kinds of cooking methods, in the Dragon Boat Festival, it has a table of delicacies.

Fangtai ztd100j-j45es is an embedded disinfection cabinet. It adopts ozone sterilization + ultraviolet sterilization. The disinfection effect is very guaranteed. Quartz tube drying can also inhibit the growth of bacteria by dehumidification. This sterilizer is medium and low temperature sterilizer, which can sterilize a wide range of tableware. It can be used to sterilize no matter our commonly used tableware or babys pacifier.