Global constellation deployment: full of confidence

 Global constellation deployment: full of confidence

Yang Changfeng, chief designer of Beidou satellite navigation system engineering: I am very excited about the successful launch. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is no danger of anything going wrong. The launch is completed in the global context of the fight against the new crown pneumonia. The project is to ensure that the mission is successful, and we must also grasp the epidemic prevention and control to ensure that two success is assured.

The success of this mission once again shows that the whole Beidou team is a team that can fight hard battles. We will always cherish the feelings of Beidou, be careful and never forget our original intention. The final realization of the strategic goal of three steps reflects the spirit of Beidou in the new era.

Yang Changfeng: building a good Beidou system is our first mission. For more than 30 years, Beidou people have been pursuing excellence, being careful all the time, not neglecting any detail, and not letting the satellite bring any tiny problem to the sky.

Peoples daily economic and social: from Chinas Beidou to the worlds Beidou. You said at this years two sessions that this is Chinas plan and Chinas wisdom. How to reflect it?

Yang Changfeng: the construction and development of Beidou system fully combines Chinas national conditions with Chinese characteristics, which is also our China plan for the development of satellite navigation in the world. In 2000, China built Beidou No.1 system to provide services for Chinese users; at the end of 2012, China built Beidou No.2 system to provide services for users in the Asia Pacific region. However, the construction of Beidou system did not stop. In November 2017, the first group of double stars of beidou-3 was successfully launched. Beidou system has entered the era of globalization. Today, the deployment of global constellation of beidou-3 system is completed, and beidou-3 system is about to complete the global networking and realize the dream. Chinas Beidou will truly become the worlds Beidou and provide high-precision services to global users.

Peoples daily economic and social: the global networking of Beidou system is about to be completed. What will be the focus of the next work?

Yang Changfeng: after the global networking is completed, we will first ensure the stable operation of the system. The stable operation of Beidou system is related to the safe and reliable application of users. In terms of ensuring the stable operation of the system, in addition to the standard practice of ensuring the stable operation of the system in accordance with the aerospace engineering, Beidou system will also strengthen the intelligent operation and maintenance of the system. We carry out intelligent operation and maintenance based on big data of Beidou project, fully identify operation risks, timely formulate operation risk control guarantee chain, improve various advanced operation and maintenance support means, carry out intelligent operation and maintenance of the system, ensure that problems are found before users, problems are solved before impacts, and continuously improve the stable operation ability of the system.

Secondly, the overall application of Beidou system. The important purpose of Beidou system construction is to serve the national construction, economic development, peoples life and the application value of the national important tool. At present, Beidou application and industrial development have achieved phased results, laying a solid foundation for comprehensive application. I believe that when the Beidou system is about to be completed in an all-round way, the application of Beidou should strengthen overall planning and system promotion. The competent departments of various industries and fields shall formulate industrial policies and regulations, improve standards and specifications, and establish application product catalog, etc., so as to promote Beidou application to enter a new stage through joint efforts.

As a Beidou person, my work experience has a profound brand of Beidou. I am honored to participate in the cause of Beidou and make the past decades more meaningful.

It is of great significance to me that the deployment of beidou-3 global system constellation has been completed in an all-round way. But just like satellite navigation is limited by peoples imagination, I believe Beidou system will bring more surprises to the world. This is the dream we pursue. My team and I will strive for this dream.