Huang Youguang: arrogant Zhang Wuchang

 Huang Youguang: arrogant Zhang Wuchang

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Are you happy? How to be a happy person? Must money be in direct proportion to happiness? What are the influencing factors of happiness? Netease Research Bureau invited Huang Youguang, a world-renowned Chinese economist who has been engaged in happiness research for a long time, a distinguished professor of Fudan University School of economics and an academician of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences, to interpret the secret of happiness.

No.022 mens high competitiveness and arrogance: the story of four great madmen: Xie Lingyun, Liu Yazi, Li Ao, Zhang Wuchang (2)

Some readers may not be familiar with Zhang Wuchang. He is a Hong Kong native of China and an internationally famous economist. He should be one of the few most famous economists in China.

I havent met the three people I mentioned before. Ive seen them on TV at most. The last one is Zhang Wuchang, whom I have met, eaten and talked with many times face to face. First of all, at least in some important ways, I am a fan of Zhang Wuchang. First of all, I admit that his articles collected in the two books of the words of the orange seller and the future of China are inferior to each other in content and writing.

However, on the other hand, as far as I know, I am also the most powerful person who has criticized and questioned Zhang Wuchang for many times. I have written many times like attack Zhang Wuchangs shield with Zhang Wuchangs spear, OK? The discussion of. Because, he also has many views to be discussed. For example, in the book laugh at me when you are passionate (P. 63), he said, as for the gentlemen who calculate the happiness index, you need to see a neurologist. Although happiness index has many difficulties, it cannot be ignored because happiness is the ultimate goal. We have discussed some articles in the last few weeks My last discussion on Zhang Wuchang was published in August 2017 (the article of some errors in Economics: ask Professor Zhang Wuchang for advice published by China assessment weekly on August 25, 2017). But I never saw his response to me.

Zhang Wuchang has a very high self-evaluation. For example, on page 247 of the book love should laugh at me, Zhang Wuchang said: no one can compare with me in explaining the market phenomenon, and there should be no similar one. However, it must be admitted that in this respect, at least Huang Youguang cant compete with Zhang Wuchang and is not close.

The basis of my nomination for Zhang Wuchangs arrogance also includes the following points. First, when I first visited the Department of economics at the end of 1986, he and I had lunch. When it comes to any economist, he will tell how he cant do it. It seems that no economist can catch up with him except Friedman and Kos.

In the 2003-2009 years, Lang Xianping was popular in Chinese mainland, and the TV financial channel had 1.5 hours of Lang Xianping leisure review every week. Once, after a dinner at the school of economics, Fudan University, a participant took us all about 10 people to talk in his very luxurious apartment. Everyone is talking about Lang Xianping. Zhang Wuchang was alone in a corner and did not participate in the discussion. All of a sudden, he cried out in a very loud voice, whats so great about Lang Xianping! I used to write a column for Xinbao in Hong Kong. It costs 25 Hong Kong dollars per word. I dont think he can even get 5 yuan! [at that time, the Hong Kong dollar was bigger than the RMB. At that time, it was 25 yuan, and now its about 100 yuan] we were very surprised. A present professor said to him kindly, Mr. Zhang, you and Lang Xianping are not of the same level; you dont have to compare with him. Zhang Wuchang just calmed down.

At that time, we also heard outside that Zhang Wuchangs brother (because he speaks English, I dont know whether he is a brother or a brother) put forward a legal challenge to the heritage. He also sent a flyer to the University of Hong Kong, saying that Zhang Wuchang used some means to make their mother leave all the heritage to him.

Zhang Wuchang continued to say to us, it is rumoured outside that my inheritance is x billion yuan [this is an astronomical figure, and I dont remember the specific figure]. You can calculate that, according to this figure, interest alone, every month there are y billion yuan [also an astronomical figure]. Zhang Wuchang did not deny the rumor or or confirm it. Recently, I saw on the Internet that it was 2 million, which must be a clerical error, probably 20 billion. It is said that Zhang Wuchangs mother has a good investment vision. When people fled Hong Kong in the early years, the land price was very low. She bought a lot of parking spaces, which later became invaluable.

On the one hand, I tell these four stories because they are wonderful and true. On the one hand, it can at least partially verify that men are more competitive, so there will be more arrogant people. But more importantly, we can learn some lessons from these real stories. In addition to the differences between men and women, there are also many other differences between people. There are talents like Zhang Wuchang and Li Ao, as well as more ordinary people. Zhang Wuchang and Li Ao, or other geniuses with the same level of genius, are also quite different from each other. Lu Xuns level should not be lower than Li Aos, but I havent heard that Lu Xun is arrogant. Although Zhang Wuchang may have a high level in observing and interpreting the real economy, he often contradicts himself in logical reasoning. Like Liu Yazis arrogance, the result may not be able to the history of thousands of years will be called Weng! There may not be too much hypocritical humility, but too much arrogance is not good! For the vast majority of ordinary people, we need to be more practical and realistic, not everyone can be outstanding. Although we say that the number one scholar is in line, the number one scholar is a small number after all. As long as we can reach the level of food and clothing, be honest and sincere, and consider other peoples feelings, we can also be happy. We need to discuss more in the future.

As for the result of our vote on the champion of the four maniacs at the dinner table more than 20 years ago, I first let the readers choose to vote for themselves. In next weeks article (about discussion: the ultimate explanation of teenagers like staying up late), I just announced the result and reason.


Edited by Liu Cixin, Liu Yu, Wu Si, etc. (2015). Gods on my bookshelf, Shanxi peoples publishing house.

Professor emeritus of Monash University, distinguished professor of Fudan University School of economics, academician of Australian Academy of Social Sciences, and advisory member of global priorities Institute of Oxford University.

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