China Science Daily: guard against the damage of the second generation of education to educational equity

 China Science Daily: guard against the damage of the second generation of education to educational equity

The remarkable feature of teaching the second generation lies in its homogeneity of learning background, that is, its learning unit is its parents work unit. If their parents have the right to speak in school governance or academic field, without effective supervision, this right is likely to endorse their childrens learning, research, enrollment and other aspects, and even produce some behavior of interest transmission or exchange.

This phenomenon is naturally a violation of the fairness of education. It not only deprives some students who study hard and yearn for knowledge changes fate of education opportunities, but also seriously damages the reputation of education itself. Even if the second generation of teaching turns into inbreeding in academic and management, it will also cause more and more closed colleges and universities that are not open at present, which will harm the governance and academic ecology of colleges and universities.

Of course, the innate advantage of the second generation of teachers is not original sin, so the society should not stigmatize it, but think about how to make a more strict system, so that as the second generation of teachers they cant take advantage of the policy.

In this regard, full disclosure of information is a good medicine to ensure education equity. Colleges and universities should try their best to open all kinds of information in a timely and comprehensive manner and accept social supervision in all kinds of promotion, exemption, direct and postgraduate recruitment. Of course, the comprehensive publicity of information is not only the publicity of the list, but also the comprehensive publicity against the core standards. At the same time, should colleges and universities properly control the number and scale of teaching the second generation learning from the perspective of preventing inbreeding?

Finally, it is essential to strengthen the internal governance of colleges and universities, increase the cost of violations, and make the violators dare not violate, do not violate, and do not want to violate.

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