Columbus and Roosevelt fell down and then someone stared at the statue of Jesus

 Columbus and Roosevelt fell down and then someone stared at the statue of Jesus

According to Russia today (RT) on June 22, from the general of the Confederacy of the United States to the navigator Columbus, to a number of former presidents of the United States, now the removal of statues campaign against Jesus has come. Sean king, a race activist, insisted that the depiction of Jesus was racist propaganda..

(RT: its Jesus turn for the statue war. Activists call Jesus and the Virgin Mary white supremacy)

Yes, I think the European white statues that they claim to be Jesus should also fall, Jin tweeted Tuesday. They are a form of white supremacy, and they have always been.

According to RT, king is not a marginal figure in the race movement. The well-known ethnic activist gained fame through the black lives are lives protest, and recently became an agent for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

According to the report, just a day before Kings tweet, conservative expert Matt schrap predicted that the statue of Jesus might be the next target of attack. The statue of Jesus is the next wave (attack the target), which will not end. Pray for America.. A kind of

According to the report, conservative filmmaker Mike chernovich believes that Kings tweet is tantamount to incitement to hate crimes, and compares it with the terrorist actions of the Ku Klux Klan against churches, an organization that pursues white supremacy and has serious racial discrimination and acts.

Rt said it was not the first time Kim had been in dispute. In 2019, he mistakenly called the killing of a seven year old black girl in Houston a racially motivated hate crime. In 2018, he falsely accused a Texas police officer of rape. In addition, he was accused by other black life is life activists of misappropriating or abusing donations.