My personal experience: how to find thyroid nodules? How to treat thyroid cancer?

 My personal experience: how to find thyroid nodules? How to treat thyroid cancer?

Here, only record the part that has reference significance to others in the process of medical treatment.

In recent years, thyroid health problems are becoming more and more serious. According to the Beijing Evening News reported in 2012, thyroid cancer has become the fastest growing malignant tumor in Beijing. The incidence rate has increased by 225.2% in 10 years, and the average annual growth rate is 14.2% (2).

Like many other tumors, the pathogenesis of thyroid cancer has not been fully determined.

In addition to radiation, pressure and other factors, some people suspect that the current thyroid problems are related to the high iodine diet in which iodized salt is widely used in China.

However, no matter what the cause is, once confirmed, as long as active treatment, thyroid nodules and even most of thyroid cancer can be cured by existing medical means.

I hope this real medical experience can help friends with thyroid health problems, and welcome other friends to share this article with people in need.

1u3001 Diagnosed condition

At present, most people s thyroid problems are found through physical examination. The same is true for me. On July 11, 2014, when I went to Beijing yanshadong physical examination branch of Aikang Guobin for annual physical examination, I found thyroid nodule.

Aikang Guobins staff was very conscientious and responsible. At that time, they advised me not to delay the examination of thyroid nodules. They should go to the hospital for further examination immediately to eliminate the risk of disease.

In those days, I was about to go to the China Japan Friendship Hospital, a hospital directly under the Ministry of health, which should be good, so I specially hung the expert number of the Department of breast and thyroid.

But after the expert made a manual inspection on me, he said with great certainty that I could not touch this nodule. Its all right. Pay attention to diet and physical examination in the future. Dont have too much pressure. So I went home happily.

Originally, this matter passed, but a few days later, a friend in the medical industry knew about me, and urged me to find a large hospital again to check, so as to avoid misdiagnosis.

This time, my friend took me to Beijing Union Medical College Hospital for examination, and also specially hung the expert number. Professor Chen Ge, the deputy chief physician, received me. After reading the inspection results of China Japan Friendship Hospital, he expressed great doubt that it was thyroid cancer. He suggested that I attach great importance to it and let me have a further inspection in Concorde.

So I did blood test again in Xiehe, including thyroid function and tumor markers, and also did thyroid B ultrasound again.

The B-ultrasound image of Concorde is much clearer than that of China and Japan. The examination results are not optimistic. Although there is no definite diagnosis, several doctors of Concorde highly suspect that it is a malignant nodule. They told me that they should either have a puncture, then have a pathological diagnosis, or have a direct operation.

But Professor Chen Ge had a rest in August, so the doctor suggested that he should wait until he saw the results before deciding on a follow-up treatment plan.

Around August 24, I hung up the expert number of Guangdong Provincial Peoples hospital to do this elastic scoring test. The result was papillary thyroid carcinoma, with a elasticity score of 3. Surgery is recommended.

The result of this examination is the first to make a diagnosis of my condition. I had arranged to go to Wang cunchuans office of overseas Chinese hospital for further examination the next day, but I had a full understanding of the condition, so I didnt do any more repetitive examination.

Its worth mentioning that when I asked Wang cunchuan about the operation plan, the chief inspector of Beijing Aikang Guobin specially called me to suggest that I should have the operation as soon as possible.

In the end, I was afraid that I didnt remember it. I wrote a text message to persuade me that there was no need to check in other places when I was already in Concord. I should make an appointment for Concord operation as soon as possible. I was very moved at that time.

1. We should pay attention to physical examination, and we can often find some major disease risks.

2. In case of emergency, its easy to go to hospital at random. Dont blindly believe in hearsay prescriptions or miracle doctors. If possible, you should consult senior professionals in the industry as much as possible, so that you can master more information that is really useful for decision-making, so that you can go to hospital more directionally in the future.

3. How to find thyroid nodule? We should try our best to seek medical advice from multiple parties to avoid missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. If it is benign, we should pay attention to follow-up observation. If it is malignant, we should treat it actively as soon as possible.

Due to various objective reasons such as the current doctor-patient relationship and labor intensity, even in a very good hospital, there is also the possibility of missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, so if it is a major disease, it is recommended to go to several more hospitals before diagnosis. (the same is true of the personal experience of the China Japan Friendship Hospital. The expert certainly didnt intentionally miss the diagnosis, but there were too many patients before and after the diagnosis and treatment. It was really not easy to be interrupted by others for many times.)

2u3001 Mentality building

Most people around experience several different emotional stages when facing major diseases:

First of all, doubt: wrong, check again! ;

Then angry - Why me? ;

After calming down, they can be divided into two types: the passive give up treatment or even break the jar, the active seek treatment and constantly seek solutions.

The different ways of doing things here have a lot to do with their own mentality.

Here, I would like to talk about three things during the medical treatment, which is very helpful to my mentality, and may also be enlightening to my friends in health difficulties.

I went directly to Mr. X when I came out of the hospital that day. He saw that the medical record learned about my illness and gave me a great incentive. This is very important for me to firmly believe in active treatment. Therefore, if you also encounter similar things, you can consider to find some regular psychological counselors with better ethical training for psychological counseling.

2. Roadside artist

On August 24, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Guangzhou. A person walking on the road, the mood is very depressed. All of a sudden, I saw a disabled person on the side of the road. He was singing with his feet playing guitar.

Suddenly, something seemed to hit my heart. Although the gentleman has no arms, he can still sing happily. I sat on the ground at the roadside and listened for a long time. Suddenly, for a moment, I felt like a seed had sprouted in spring.

Life may be like this, just like you see the text at the moment is full of contingency.

3. Professional information

When I encountered this disease, I also searched some information, but after all, we are not medical professionals, so these materials can not fundamentally solve my doubts.

I have been in the consulting industry for many years, and I know the importance of professional information. I also know that only by solving the problem of information asymmetry can I fundamentally avoid anxiety and fear.

So I contacted professional doctors with thyroid surgery experience in several different communities, and I chose one of them, Mr. W, to have a face-to-face talk.

For this conversation, I paid him a consulting fee, which was very valuable. In this conversation, I finally have enough time to learn from the professionals in detail what solutions are available for this disease, what are the possible risks during the operation, and what are the problems after the operation.

Mr. w didnt conceal anything. He explained the inside story and the advantages and disadvantages to me in detail.

It turned out that this conversation was the most important one in 94 days and nights.

Therefore, if you encounter similar difficulties, you can also consider to find a professional who has no interest in you, pay in good faith and consult.

You respect the value of others, and they will help you naturally.

3u3001 Treatment matters

Diagnosed the illness, built the mentality, the remaining thing to do is to actively treat.

Because a good friend opened a company in the United States, at the beginning, he suggested that I go to the United States for treatment, but later the insiders suggested that not all operations are performed well abroad, but this operation is done more in China, but the effect is better.

In general, the treatment is divided into surgery or conservative treatment. At the time of medical development (October 2014), thyroid cancer could not be cured by conservative treatment.

If it is benign, not too large thyroid nodules, we can consider conservative treatment, continuous observation.

If it is malignant, that is, thyroid cancer, should seize the opportunity to consider surgery.

So how to treat thyroid cancer? Only operation can cure it.

One is the minimally invasive surgery carried out in recent years. Doctors will use auxiliary tools to open a small opening from the position of the human papilla for surgery, and there will be no scar on the neck after surgery.

Beauty lovers, especially girls, can think about this way if they are worried about postoperative scars.

At present, as far as I know, President Wang cunchuan of Guangzhou Overseas Chinese hospital is very good at this kind of operation.

In addition to minimally invasive surgery, the traditional open surgery is widely used. This thyroid surgery is a common operation, which should be developed well in the third grade A hospitals all over the country. Some people think that the effect of open surgery on peripheral lymphadenectomy is better.

My thyroid nodule is less than one centimeter. In order to prevent inaccurate puncture results and false negative cases, I decided to operate directly, and then made a frozen pathological section during the operation.

The result of this section is said to be more than 95% accurate, and then according to the pathological results, we can decide whether to do radical surgery or conservative treatment.

In the words of the doctor, before the operation, no one can confirm whether my thyroid cancer is or not, or it depends on the pathology.

The doctor said that the process of this disease is relatively slow, and I have plenty of time to arrange work, so I decided to have an operation in early October.

So on October 10, 2014, I carried out the operation, which was carried out by Chen Ge team of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital. Unfortunately, the intraoperative pathology showed that my nodule was indeed malignant, so I had a radical operation and a lymph node dissection.

Unfortunately, fortunately, at present, there is no metastasis, and this symptom belongs to papillary thyroid cancer, with a good prognosis, which is the most common and the least malignant.

When I woke up, the doctor told me that the operation was going well and sent me back to the ward.

Indeed, the operation was successful, with no complications, the most feared hoarseness and voice damage and so on. The patient recovered quickly and was discharged on October 13, 2014.

At this point, the initial treatment is over. Wait a week for paraffin pathology and chest CT plain scan results to come out, you can rest assured.

The above is the preliminary process of treatment, and there are some tips that may help you:

1. Maybe some people will be confused about whether to send red envelopes or not.

Most doctors in regular hospitals dont accept red envelopes now. Dont put extra pressure on medical staff, or it will be bad for treatment.

But now the medical staff actually have low material treatment. If you want to thank the doctor very much, it is suggested to thank him in other ways.

2. If you dont live in a single ward, you should always wear sound proof earplugs and eye mask when you are in hospital, or you wont have a good rest.

Go to bed early in the evening, because the nurse will take the temperature and blood pressure at six oclock in the morning every day. Dont want to sleep late.

3. Its also important to have a post-operative recovery mentality, not because youre sick and everyone has to revolve around you.

Lets take this operation as a new obstacle to overcome in our life.

Finally, it verifies again that all things will be cherished when they are lost.

These 94 days and nights are a long journey and an extremely valuable journey for me. In this journey, I want to know a lot of people and things, understand the meaning of life, and understand the way I will go in the future.

Ill be fine. I hope you are too. Everything will be fine.

Finally, I sincerely wish you all a healthy body. Sustainability is fundamental.


1. The people or units mentioned in this article have no interest relationship before and after my medical experience. In order to protect privacy, some people have been anonymous.

2, Beijing Evening News: thyroid cancer incidence rate in Beijing increased by 225.2% in 10 years thyroid cancer has become the fastest growing malignant tumor in the city. The incidence rate increased by 225.2% in 10 years, and the average annual growth rate was 14.2%. In particular, it should be noted that the incidence of thyroid cancer in female patients increased from the 10th place to the 5th place in the past.

3u3001 I would like to thank the professionals who helped me in the medical treatment process, such as Chen Ge team, Mr. Yao Yuan, Mr. X, Mr. W, etc.

4. You are free to reprint this article for non-commercial purposes, but please keep the integrity of the article and do not delete it. The author and the original link should be noted at the beginning. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement.

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