Is the laptop camera really useless? The quality of the painting is offensive, and the position is more crowded

 Is the laptop camera really useless? The quality of the painting is offensive, and the position is more crowded

However, although remote office is convenient, there are still many kinds of video conference. In order to make a good impression on my colleagues and face work with full spirit, my friends put on beautiful make-up before the video, but only when I turned on the camera did they find that all their efforts were in vain. The quality of the notebooks picture was really poor

Is the laptop camera really useless?

In the mobile phone conference, every manufacturer regards the camera as a play. In terms of what 100 million pixels, four films, super sensitive sensors and other technical terms emerge in endlessly. But on the notebook, even the top Apple MacBook pro16 still sticks to the ancient 720p image quality (about 920000 pixels), and there are few descriptions of camera selling points in the product promotion page. Its not a question. Shouldnt this kind of thing be eliminated like an optical drive?

However, the development of mobile phone forensics is totally contrary to that of notebook. Now, it has basically evolved into a selfie tool, which pays attention to the beauty of the picture and the width of the scene. As a result, the mobile phone has a beautiful face, a fill light and even a wide-angle lens.

Compared with the rough image quality, which camera to put may be more important to consider. In fact, it wasnt a problem a few years ago, because all laptops put cameras in the center of the top of the screen until the Dell xps13 came out. This ultra-thin book with three extremely narrow frames amazed the world at that time. Its appearance and industrial design made people crazy, and also led the appearance development trend of ultra-thin books in the next few years. But theres a problem. Xps13s frame is too narrow, and theres no room for cameras at the top, so we have to make a compromise. So xps13s cameras are placed at the bottom left of the screen, but such a tricky angle basically says goodbye to the word user experience. Imagine that when you use your nostrils to see peoples scenes in a video conference, would you feel a little embarrassed


In fact, the camera doesnt have a more reasonable shelter when the notebook is constantly chasing high screen share and thin fuselage. In recent years, there are more radical ultra-thin books than xps13 design. For example, Huawei matebookxpro is forced to hide the camera under the keyboard, although it has four narrow sides and 91% of the high screen share. Some brands simply cut off the camera parts, such as redmibook and ASUS a bean.

Let the camera have a place to live

In addition to video calling, the notebook camera also carries some practical functions in recent years. For example, biometrics, now there are many laptops that support Windows Hello face unlocking. They can even open the cover and start the machine automatically, detect the automatic unlocking of the face, leave the screen and lock the screen automatically. The whole experience is flowing and the security is guaranteed.

In terms of privacy protection, some manufacturers are considerate. For example, many ThinkPad and Lenovo models have designed physical shields on the cameras. After all, technology has brought convenience to our lives, but also laid a lot of hidden dangers to our privacy. We need to know that many Internet tycoons will block up their cameras and microphones with tape, and there are not a few ordinary consumers who do this, because everyones privacy is worthy of respect.

The iPhone 7 dares to cancel the 3.5mm headphone interface, because later airpods can perfectly replace it. The reason why floppy disks and optical drives on computers no longer exist is because of the strong filling of U disk and cloud services. However, there is no better alternative for the camera of notebook. Although it will be idle for many times, it will be glowing one day sooner or later. This is the reason why one thousand days of military training and one time of military use.

In digital products, there are many selling points of I can use them, but I cant. In fact, we dont really use them. In the final analysis, we still need these functions, but the frequency of use is not high.

Not to mention in the notebook, the camera has a strong irreplaceable, and seems to become more and more important. This has been proved during the epidemic. After the epidemic, with the continuous development of online education and telecommuting, we believe that manufacturers will re-examine their attitudes towards cameras. At the end of users, it is bound to put forward higher requirements for the clarity of video calls and the repair of conference software. In consumer electronic products, its the most reasonable thing that demand forces technology upgrading. Maybe in the next few years, the camera will not only become a rigid demand, but also have more powerful functions.

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