Xiong Ling: the persona of the TV drama divorce lawyer

 Xiong Ling: the persona of the TV drama divorce lawyer

uff081uff09 Chi Haidong and Luo Li are a perfect combination of advantages. They represent the ideal mask of the playwright.

Lawyer Chi Haidong. He has many characteristics of ideal mask: handsome, sagacious, high social identity, maverick, upright, simple, inclusive, emotional specificity. These characteristics may not be admired by men, but they must be the favorite in womens hearts. He has the achievements of career and wealth, and realizes his own value with his own ability. But God did not regard him as a perfect pet, and set up monsters for his emotional way. In his marriage history, Yuequn is a monster attacking his mans dignity. In terms of friendship, pan Xiaogang is the white eye wolf who stabbed him in the back. What surprised him most was his confidence and superiority in emotion, together with his perfect marriage, which was destroyed by Yue Qun and Jiao Yanyans betrayal. Since then, his enthusiasm for emotion has quietly faded, and his confidence in marriage has remained cool.

Two women in his life: a simple, vase like Jiao Yanyan, a rich, talented oriole. Two different kinds of opposite sex can attract and be attracted by him, which in itself reflects his perfection and can be called the externalization of the ideal object in womens mind. Finally, he was able to take in the love of Luo Li, not his position and wealth, but his ideal mask: integrity, innocence, with cowardly leniency.

Chihaidong also has a warm man mask, which is characterized by tall, mature, rigid and soft. Its said that Min Jun in Korean dramas and Chi Haidong in domestic dramas are the representatives of warm men. They are the object of adoration or mate selection of modern women, especially girls. From the definition of warm man, we can see that warm man is an ideal, a symbol of fatherly. Such an ideal man only lives in peoples inner world, but he can also throw ideal man on the characters in the works. Warm man as a perfect mask, we see the deepest needs of women in Du Minjun and Chi Haidong.

(2) Lawyer Luo Li. Luo Li represents the lucky mask, but like Chi Haidong, it is also the authors ideal mask. Xinyuner is characterized by intelligence, vivacity, adorability, being favored, being independent, and being able to survive and turn around when encountering risks. These characteristics seem to be perfect, but Luo Li also has an ideal mask better than Chi Haidong, which is her super confidence, dare to love, dare to hate and be honest. Perhaps it is the characteristics of Luo Li that Chi Haidong lacks that rekindle his indifferent emotion and raise his cool marriage confidence.

There is a post-90s Internet female author (forgetting her name), who has won the audiences acclaim and recognition by interpreting Xu Zhimos several marriages and five heterosexuals on the stage of no one belongs to you. At last, she said that all love not aimed at marriage is playing hooligans which made everyone laugh. This sentence is very suitable for summarizing Luo Lis emotional attitude. This is how she treats marriage and Chi Haidong.

Luo Li is ideal enough. At last, she combines with the ideal Chi Haidong, like a perfect match made by nature. Whether they can be perfect forever, we can only dream about it.

It is because of the imperfection of reality that people yearn for perfection. To a greater extent, fantasy, writing and appreciation of works seem to be enough to satisfy the inner desire and compensate for the lack of reality.

uff082uff09 Tang Meiyu and Cao Qiankun, a perfect combination of reality. They are the externalization of the surreal personas of the dramatists.

(1) Tang Meiyus mask is one in a million. This is a mask given to her by her relatives and friends, and also a perfect image projected by others on her. One out of ten thousand exists only if she is willing to pick someone else.

Tang Meiyu, who can pick Cao Qiankun, is the magic combination of the misplaced version of Prince and Cinderella. It can also be said that the proud princess can marry the grass bandits, which means that it is not the identity but the ability to conquer pride. Cao Qiankun has two abilities: to be true and to be faithful in marriage. With these two abilities, he has achieved the myth of marriage.

He two, is to marriage best is door-to-door subversion. After marriage, they knew each other, loved each other and trusted each other. In the middle of the trip, Cao Qiankun was confused and passive, which made them almost divorced. This play, I dont know what the director wants to convey, is to give a blow to the marriage of door to door is wrong, or to suggest that door to door is good, is to say that there is no reliable match, or that marriage cant avoid someone cheating? can make nothing of it.

They can also be called lucky pairing. Even the ten million yuan lottery prize has landed on their baby sons hand. Even the misfortune in their relationship has been a thrill. However, the disaster of this perfect combination of marriage is like saying that there is no perfect marriage in the world, or expressing that the perfect marriage needs to pay a price. And if we can find out something, it must be a betrayal like infidelity. Does this imply that betrayal is the most unbearable pain in human nature? If so, it reflects the symbiotic attachment demand of mother and baby, which is the most soft need of peoples heart.

Although Cao Qiankun has the inferiority and cowardice in his bones, his honesty and responsibility are enough to show that he is the man who can meet the softest needs of women in marriage.

So the marriage between Tang and Cao is perfect. They embody all the possibilities of marriage life: very traditional and romantic, very passionate and vulgar, both realistic and ideal, and finally beyond the reality of the most practical marriage.

uff083uff09 Jiao Yanyan and Yuequn, the split reality combination. This is the externalization of the playwrights childish personality.

Every adult has a childish or childish side. The difference is whether they are normal and lovely or sick and annoying. Jiao Yanyan and Yue Qun show us what is a pathological or childish personality mask.

Jiao Yanyans mask is masochism and narcissism, Yuequns mask is masochism and narcissism, their marriage can be called a childish perfect match. He and his two have something in common: paranoid, dependent, jealous, borderless, suspicious and sensitive, emotional. People with these characteristics, like weak babies, are extremely eager for the love and protection of others, and are unconditional. In a close relationship, babies are slightly sensitive to rejection and signs of separation. If they encounter conflict of ideas, or come home late because of work, they will feel ignored anger, even fear and shame of being abandoned.

Every time Yuequn abuses Jiao Yan, its his babys narcissistic rage. However, Jiao Yanyan can tolerate or forgive Yuequns abuse every time because of her weak or battered identity. These identities are unconscious, but determine her baby like narcissistic needs. She must rely on Yuequns emotional dependence on her, so that she can feel that she is important to be loved.

The marriage of the two babies is bound to have divisive conflicts. In fact, many marriage conflicts and domestic violence in reality are the result of marriage composed of Yue Qun and Jiao Yanyan.

uff084uff09 Luo Lis parents are traditional marriage with Chinese characteristics.

Luos fathers mask is raking ears. It sounds a bit harsh, but it has a difficult connotation. No matter men or women, peoples view of raking ears has changed from contempt to praise, and they believe that raking ears has a stable effect on marriage. There are two types of traditional Chinese men, one is male chauvinism, the other is raking ears. Luos father belongs to the latter, which is a very accommodative rake. Luo Fu also has the mask of modern warm man: gentle, good and stubborn, with a wide range of interests. Combined with these characteristics, Luo Fu is a good traditional Chinese man who can satisfy himself and give each other satisfaction in marriage.

The mask of Luos mother Li Chunhua is vanity. The characteristics of this mask are good face (in fact, narcissism) and show off. It seems to be very self-conscious, but in fact, it is inferiority. TV dramas exaggerate Luo Mus vanity, which makes people gooseflesh.

Vanity is the basic attribute of human beings, and womens vanity is the norm. As long as it is not too exaggerated, vanity is the driving force of our self realization. I remember in the TV play silly spring, silly springs mother said proudly, whats the matter with vanity?? Its vanity that makes my life so beautiful.

However, Li Chunhua, who is vain, has a deep sense of contempt and loss in the face of Luos father, who rakes ears. Because she is also a traditional Chinese woman. To a large extent, the vanity of traditional women is realized by the strength of men in marriage.

Some people say, cats like to eat fish, but they cant go into the water. Fish like to eat earthworms, but they cant go ashore. Why does God give you a lot of temptation, but he doesnt let you get it? It is said that peoples life is beautiful and incomplete. Divorce lawyer seems to have an attempt to make up for this defect. The Chi Haidong and Luo Li He created are exactly in line with peoples inner ideal self, and their perfect match for geography has imagined our defects in the real relationship.

In real life, each person almost carries out interpersonal communication by similarity and complementarity, identification or projection, thus forming the infinite cycle of connection separation connection, or separation connection separation of intimate relationship. In a higher sense, film and television works reflect our yearning for excellent personas, and also fully and freely meet the needs of each audience and our internal personality projection identification.

The keynote of the play is that justice is better than distortion, and goodness is better than self-interest. In other words, the persona used in the play is the positive side of sunshine and acceptance, far more than the negative side of gloom and sorrow. The comedic points of the play are enough to prove this comment: a group of divorce lawyers are almost all divorcees, and the divorce lawyers of the two protagonists tend to match the marriage against the goal in the divorce lawsuit; the more outrageous one is to match a couple (Dong Dahai and Miao Jingxiu) to break up with a grand divorce ceremony. Comedy is the highest way for human beings to adjust their suffering. In terms of specialty, comedy is a mask of sadness. From the rich masks used by ancient people when they dance, we can see that human beings are born with the ability to entertain themselves and cope with fear and uneasiness.

So mask is the prototype of modern comedy. The dramatic humor of divorce lawyer is just a kind of elegant persona, which can make people dispel the helplessness of more than n peoples lives in laughter; the idealized complex of the play, as it may be said, is also a kind of high-quality persona, which can edify peoples temperament and indirectly satisfy peoples pursuit of justice, truth, goodness and beauty.