Xiong Ling: a dialogue between truth and lies

 Xiong Ling: a dialogue between truth and lies

Lie: thats what human civilization gives you, but human civilization also gave birth to me. If it were not for people to create words, languages, science, literature, emotions and other things, there would be no me.

Lies: originally we belong to human beings, we are all human beings. But people hate me very much. They dont accept me and let me exist. I dont understand.

Lie: wrong! Its not because of me that people suffer. But because people have pain or trouble, in order to avoid it, just have me.

Reality: if you really exist to solve peoples pain, how glorious and great! But people hate lies. What people need most and desire most is the real me! People regard me as moral and you as hypocritical and immoral.

Lie: I know. People like you, they dont like me. Youre like an angel, Im like a devil. You are the darling of mankind. I am like a traitor of mankind. Do you understand? Im like a disabled child born by my parents. They are very disappointed. They want to give up and cant give up me. So, I always ask truthfully: since I hate, why give birth to me? Since I am not as important as truth, why do you always pull me out and use me, and then judge me righteously?

Truth: I understand and I dont understand. Its human business. I dont understand many things. I just feel that people love me very much. Maybe I am true and simple, maybe I am real, which makes people feel safe and happy. Because of you, the distortion of me, the cover of me, people can not see the truth, feel confused, as if they have lost their sense of security.

Truth: I cant agree with you, and I dont love you. I dont need your protection. I am me, real power, incomparable. If people dont know me, its temporary, because your deception will play a part for a while.

Reality: its humans sorrow to have you. Maybe its the sad person who allows you to exist. However, because of your existence, I am more important and more needed by people.

Lie: actually, we are two different situations in the world. When people are not mature and strong enough to grasp the whole truth of the world (including people themselves), they must be full of illusions and illusions when they look at the world and themselves.

Reality: thats right. I understand you a little. The reason why people have confusion and trouble is that they are too thoughtful. Although they can see things objectively, they are also in charge of looking at the world. My existence has changed because of their visions, because of their hearing illusions, because of their olfactory illusions, because of the conjectures of their superiors, I am totally different.

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Lie: when a person wants to express truth to another person and is afraid to express it, all kinds of emotions and attitudes (such as silence and denial) are his truth. And another person, will understand his true as refuse, reject me untruth. There is a love story that says that a boy loves a girl silently. He doesnt know that this girl loves him silently. A girl is a person who needs others to attack her. She longs for him to say I love you that she likes very much. But he thought she was unattainable, his inner truth: he loved her very much, wanted to express his love to her, but was more afraid of being rejected. In fact, he pretends to be indifferent to girls. Girls really think that he doesnt love her and indirectly express the message that I dont like him. A few years later, they became home, but they still love each other silently in their hearts. A chance encounter, both sides know the truth. After that, the boy suffered from depression. This story tells us that real and untrue jokes and punishments on people are the most profound and complex expression of truth and lies in interpersonal communication.

Reality: in many cases, I feel a kind of pain in peoples psychology. For example, when a child is faced with a demanding mother, he is always taught to tell the truth; when a kind and honest person encounters calculation from time to time; when a person truly exposes his weakness, he is ignored; when a person confesses that he has cheated, he always feels distrusted; when a person feels that he has insidious and vicious thoughts, he finds himself strange and pregnant Doubt and fear yourself. People, in the real embarrassment, a little uncomfortable.

Lie: Yes, when an employee who needs a job and is honest and upright, can he be frank in the face of his bosss greed or hypocrisy? How does a child react to a father who has a punitive education when he breaks into trouble outside? When a once beautiful, now down and dead face of people, meet friends and ask him how is it? Guess what he would say? When you know that your dear mother has terminal lung cancer and has only one month to live, will you say to the mother who knows nothing but calmly faces life: you have cancer and you will die in 30 days?

Reality: people, not only will encounter real embarrassment and helplessness, but also real risks.

Lie: when you are at risk, its me. At this time, people call me a white lie or a beautiful lie. Only then did I realize what grace is.

Reality: when Im not at risk, arent you also on the stage?

Reality: sometimes, people need to hide their weaknesses to make them feel normal in front of others; they need to cover up their mistakes to avoid punishment; they need to suppress themselves to make others happy; they even need to make up big lies, and for the sake of their important relationship, people can get rid of pain, or for the realization of their important wishes. Maybe this is the real need of not completely real.

Lies: but I feel very sad in the people who die to face and suffer, because they dont know whether they live in the truth or lies. I sympathize with them because they are good people who lie against their will. They live very tired and are a group of people who are prone to mental and physical diseases.

Truth: This is the fate of the unreal. Those who die with face and suffer are the most real people living in the world of lies, and they are also very sad real people.


Lies: who is not living in lies? In order to be true and have a lie, in order to reveal the truth and use a lie, in order to no longer lie and continue to produce lies. And many people prefer to tell the truth with lies.

Truth: thats a real liar.

Lie: even if it is, it is a skill. Only those who dont have face but are more intelligent can do it. I can be 3 lies in one step to 10 lies in one step by this kind of person and he doesnt feel tired.

Reality: not tired in consciousness, not in subconscious psychology. People who live in the world of lies are actually people with immature personality, or people with personality disorder. He experiences the world with a false consciousness. He does not have the ability to see the truth of the existence. He views people and things according to the projection and imagination of his thoughts. It is this kind of projection and deflection that makes him produce all sorts of unreal emotions, desires and some terrible impulses. When a lie cant help him any more, and he doesnt have the courage to face his own defects, his heart will be tired (distorted personality disorder), which will make him fall into a lonely and helpless madness.

Reality: Yes, and No. Yes, it means that people are aware of themselves, that they can overcome depression and self alienation, that they can get rid of illusions, illusions and lies, and take care of things truthfully.. No, because people are human after all, with complex feelings, complex thoughts and personalities, its impossible to reach a pure and real person, or a person who can truly care for things. Some people with neurosis cant know their personality defects all their life, so they can only live a non real life without changing their defects.

Reality: if a person can face his untruth, accept his defects and coexist with his defects, in fact, he is a real person!