Please cry for 242 children of poor families in Shandong Province: who stole their lives?

 Please cry for 242 children of poor families in Shandong Province: who stole their lives?

Her name is Chen Chunxiu. She is 36 years old. She is the mother of two children. Her husband works outside. While working, she tutors the two childrens homework.

She is the protagonist who was replaced by her name to go to university 16 years ago. She is a passive person whose fate has been rewritten by a close and seamless power.

Its also my peers, so today, I have to speak for her, for 242 poor people of the same age who were also impossibly substituted for college.

Yes, according to the investigation, there are 242 college students in Shandong who are impostors and have been cancelled.

Chen Chunxiu, from Guanxian County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, is also the so-called whistleblower of this investigation.

She still refused to give up when she was 36 years old. She wanted to take the college entrance examination for adults, but she found that a person with the same name, student status and ID card number had already obtained a college degree and was living a very different life.

That Chen Chunxiu has been an audit worker, with decent work and stable life. But the real Chen Chunxiu, because of his failure 16 years ago, worked as a worker in a food factory or a noodle shop, and his hands were rough too early.

If we believe that reading changes fate, the change is so artificial and despicable;

If the echo of an era in history is mixed with such a wide range of nonsense events;

If the cultural inheritance of loyalty, integrity, propriety and justice cant give the 242 children of poor families a proper name;

Will civilization, fairness and justice blush?!

02. The meanness of bad people reflects the indifference of society

The interest distribution and desire drive behind this event are the social roots of this event. It can be speculated that from parents to intermediaries to school records to schools, this matter should be handled smoothly and profitably, and how many people know it.

But the 242 children of poor families who are related to this have been kept in the dark. On their opposite side, they are the rich people who are much better than their families, several public officials who despise fairness, and the most gloomy selfish indifference in human nature.

Most of the substitutes are the people who mix well and have connections in the original society, while the substitutes, their parents are weak, their own minors, and even have not questioned the fairness.

Its not as if they are willing to go against the odds. They once attributed everything to their lack of excellence and hard work. The regret that they didnt go to university was accompanied by the doubt on their ability. Their self-confidence was thus destroyed by external forces.

And those villains, the total jerks, pack themselves as college students and become intellectuals. After graduation, they use other peoples names to get on the job and even go to official career. Some of them are already Party committee members. Funny No.

Staring at other peoples bad light, plundering other peoples bright life, social malice emanates from here a little bit, let more poor children shudder.

The replacement, each listens to a person to call own others name, the heart can ache. Operator, trampling on the interests of other peoples fate, steadfast.

This time, we are waiting for the result of the fair and just treatment. We only hope that all processes will be open and transparent, and that those who violate the rights of others, no matter who they are, will be punished as they should be.

Time will not come again, 242 peers have entered middle age, they will be accompanied by regret and anger for the rest of their lives, but there is no alternative.

Only the children of the poor can understand how precious the opportunity for a carp to jump into the dragons gate is, and only the little fish who turn over the dragons gate can hear the sigh of those children who have been artificially choked by fate.

If they had received the admission notice, what would they look like now? Unfortunately, those bright wireless possibilities, because they are replaced, always become if.

03. Parents of the poor, please try your best

Things themselves, it seems that how to compensate, how to punish, can not get the best solution, money can not buy the youth, can not buy the gold list title, can not buy too much.

However, we have to get something from the incident, so that we can not cry for other peoples unfair treatment in vain, and we can stand up again in the mud and build up social confidence.

We must remind more parents of poor families, remind children who may be at a loss at this moment, to work hard, to continue to firmly believe in the power of reading, even in a moment of survival, they will face some dark moments.

Because, reading is not only to change your destiny, but also to build your spirit of not willing to give in when destiny comes.

The education you received may not be able to become a degree or a decent job, but it will melt into your bones bit by bit, making you more upright, brave and strong.

The real success of education is to let people who are full of faith continue to live hard and burst into tears.

Lets talk about the gap between the rich and the poor. On the surface, its just the gap between food and materials. In fact, some studies show that the better the environment you live in, the safer it is, and the further away you are from the bad things.

What do you mean?

When you are rich, you live in the rich area, and the security property is waiting for you 24 hours, the farther away you are from the murderer, the higher your neighbors are likely to be, the better your growth and life will be treated by civilization.

When you are poor, your neighbors fight for five Dou of rice, the peddlers make fake money for three yuan, and the bad people commit crimes because of a bicycle, their faith will be eroded and even collapsed bit by bit.

Things are not so absolute, but the probability theory is a fact we should respect.

So when something comes to you and you feel overwhelmed, your embarrassment tells you that ten years ago, you didnt work hard enough.

Up to now, the only thing we can do is to make serious efforts to send our children to a higher and better platform and reduce the invasion of dust on the surface.

04. Born as a human being, I wish you a warm and pure life

Each of us has only a lifetime, whose is precious.

If you dont have the ability to give a bowl of porridge when others are in danger, please dont compete for other peoples rations for your own food and clothing.

Sometimes, whenever something bad happens, I always comfort myself and say that Gods greatest favor for us is to let us, the people around us, become good people, moral good people.

Perhaps, at the beginning of the replacement of any link in the event, some people are awakened by conscience, the event can not be shaped, but not.

This is also the biggest sadness I feel when I write this article.