Jingji technology LCIA low cost automation, fully enabling new energy vehicle production line

 Jingji technology LCIA low cost automation, fully enabling new energy vehicle production line

LCIA low cost automation

Based on this, as an intelligent factory service provider of LCIAs low-cost automation full case service, Jingji technology and low-cost automation, founded in 2006, has always been striving for perfection and innovation. In the past 14 years, it has been carrying out technology and product upgrading iterations, and has always been aiming at striving for perfection and extreme innovation to create a low-cost automation solution and help customers develop new energy vehicles Auto production strategy.

In the face of the rise of new energy automobile industry, precision technology and low-cost automation pursue the success of customers, which is the success of the company, understand the personalized needs of customers, so as to customize solutions for the actual operation of the automobile production line, use automation technology combined with the concept of lean production, use lever, cam, crankshaft, gear, connection device, pneumatic / electrical / electrical Sub devices and other technical means are made into tooling that saves both labor and people, so as to simplify the production line of new energy vehicles, improve production efficiency, and achieve the effect of strong quality, efficiency and cost reduction.

Jinggong intelligent has never stopped. As a global leading lean flexible production and low-cost automation solution innovation enterprise, Jingji technology has participated in the R & D and manufacturing of the first and second generation of wire rods, and also led the development of the third generation of aluminum alloy wire rods. It has always been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of wire rods, logistics equipment, non-standard automation wire bodies, while striving to create intelligent factory planning One stop high quality services such as consultation and system integration.