Collection of cross-border talents

 Collection of cross-border talents

In front of the hospital is a vacant lot. At this time, an old man took a cow and saw Dr. Guo Shan coming out. He said in a hurry, my cow is going to be born. Dr. Guo Shan, please help deliver the baby!

OK, take it to the room on the left. At the same time, Dr. Guo Shan ordered him to take off his doctors coat, put on his vets coat and start to prepare delivery tools.

Boss Han is stunned. Whats the matter? Is Dr. Guo Shan a vet? His stomach began to ache again.

Big Hans eyes are so frightened that he cant turn: this doctor, hes really capable.

At this time, another woman drove an old sow into the gate. Is the old sow going to be born? Boss Han looks at the old sows stomach. Its shriveled, not pregnant at all. What is this for? Dr. Guo Shan, old sow breeding -- the woman shouted

Dr. Guo Shan came out of the room on the left and directed the women to drive the old sow into the artificial breeding room next to the right.

Hahaha... The more he thinks about it, the fresher he feels. He cant help laughing. Suddenly, his stomach doesnt hurt anymore.

Big Han laughs and comes home. Theres good news waiting for him. The old grandson in the village is dead. He will be cremated tomorrow. Please help to lift the dead. The work of carrying the corpse can earn more money than usual for three days, and can eat delicious food. Boss Han immediately agreed.

The next day, I came to the funeral parlor, and boss Han helped me carry the body of old grandson into the dressing room. As he turned to walk out, he saw the dresser coming in with the make-up box. He raised his eyes and was startled. The makeup artist is no one else. Its Dr. Guo Shan!

Stupefied for a while, Han cant help but ask: are you Dr. Guo Shan, or Dr. Guo Shans twin brother or younger brother?

What a mess? Dr. Guo Shan took a look at Mr. Han and said, Im Dr. Guo Shan. Im also a veterinarian of Guo Shan and a makeup artist of Guo Shans corpse. Didnt you come to see me yesterday? How is it here?

Big Han runs out in fear. He vowed that he would not go to the Guoshan medical center for treatment even if he suffered from rebirth disease.

When Han comes home, he dreams every night that Dr. Guo Shan will make up for himself. Its been a long time, but people are crazy.

The son of boss Han suspects that the old father may have met the ghost of the old grandson, so he looks for a big fairy to exorcise.

The immortal came here. Now the big Hans house is busy. He heard the chant of hum ah ah when the immortal jumped into the big God. The yard is already full of people.

Half an hour later, boss Han felt that Da Xians voice was familiar. He secretly opened his eyes and saw that Dr. Guo Shan was the one who jumped at Da Shen. He was so scared that he shouted ah and got up to run out of the door.

Finally, people finally figured out the causes and consequences of the incident, and some people came to the conclusion that Guo Shan was really versatile, a doctor, a veterinarian, a body makeup artist, and a cross-border talent.