Cloud based intelligent logistics, tide helps the development of Yunnan Publishing Group

 Cloud based intelligent logistics, tide helps the development of Yunnan Publishing Group

In the face of the transformation demand brought by the business development, Yunnan Publishing Group relies on the IT system of automation, intelligence, visualization, networking and flexibility to build the one chess, one network, one card intelligent logistics and distribution system of culture, commerce and trade to drive the digital transformation of the group. Establish a unified standard (one card) within the group by using a unified coding and business platform; fully integrate and utilize all storage nodes and distribution nodes of 16 prefectures and 128 counties in Yunnan to weave a seamless distribution and logistics network (one network) across the province; start with logistics driving the industrial transformation of the whole group (one chess), publish Logistics Intelligent Information cloud platform, and comprehensively and deeply The whole business development strategy of the chemical group. As the leader and leading cloud computing provider of enterprise intelligent transformation, Inspur relies on its leading hardware products, cloud platform, network architecture and overall solutions to provide comprehensive information technology support for Yunnan publishing group.

Using science and technology to lay the foundation, flying the clouds to shape the process, intelligence to improve efficiency

In the process of enterprise digital transformation, Inspur always hopes to rely on the power of science and technology to serve the intelligent transformation of customers. Inspur helped Yunnan publishing group to build an intelligent logistics platform, and participated in platform planning, business model design and platform development and construction. With convenient and efficient virtualization software, inclosphere 5.6, and cloud management platform, inclonmanager5.0, Inspur realized the abstraction of hardware resources such as infrastructure layer computing (Inspur high-density server 8480m5), network, storage (Inspur storage as5500g2), etc The customer creates the exclusive IAAs layer overall solution, reduces the operation and maintenance cost on the basis of ensuring the core data security, comprehensively considers the customers business needs in the next 5-10 years, ensures the elastic expansion of key resources, and comprehensively supports the storage control, order management, freight management and other system applications. At the purchasing end, data docking with manufacturers / publishers is realized, warehousing data entry is reduced, data field inconsistency is eliminated and other problems are eliminated; at the warehouse end, management is refined, inventory counting and query are intelligent, storage system definition is automated, which greatly reduces the probability of wrong package loading; at the transportation end, carriers are automatically dispatched according to certain rules, Real time tracking of transportation status; in a real sense, realize the whole process management of supply chain, so as to save operation time and operation cost, and improve the overall logistics operation efficiency.

Fly in the cloud, seek change in stability, activate the warehouse and integrate resources. With the effective activation of storage resources and the efficient integration of transportation resources, the business throughput of Yunnan Publishing Group will be improved on a large scale. It is expected that the annual turnover of production capacity will reach 10 billion yuan, the annual turnover of varieties will reach 300000, the standing stock of 100000 varieties, and the delivery package will reach 8 million. On the basis of one belt, one road can serve the society with third party logistics, and truly become a major participant in the one belt and one road.