US soldiers are exposed to collusion with Neo Nazi organizations to ambush US troops

 US soldiers are exposed to collusion with Neo Nazi organizations to ambush US troops

According to the army times on June 23, FBI officials said a US soldier had conspired with Neo Nazis to ambush US troops overseas.

Pictures of US soldiers deployed in Italy participating in training

According to an indictment released on June 22, a U.S. soldier assigned to a European force was accused of trying to launch a deadly ambush on his unit during deployment with the help of Neo Nazi groups, the report said. The 22-year-old private soldier, Ethan P. Melzer, admitted to planning an attack that could lead to mass casualties when he was interrogated by intelligence on May 30, according to the federal prosecutors office in the Southern District of New York.

Melzer was arrested by the FBI on June 10 and, according to the contents of the indictment, during his interrogation, claimed to be a traitor to the United States and admitted attempting to cause as many deaths as possible to his comrades in arms. Lieutenant Colonel Emmanuel otiz Cruz, a spokesman for the US Army, said Melzer joined the army in December 2018 through a delayed recruitment plan and began service in June 2019. The U.S. military did not disclose Melzers troops and deployment location, while lawyers said the judge assistant of the 173 Airborne Brigade stationed in Vicenza, Italy, would assist in the investigation of Melzers case.

According to the report, Melzers troops were informed in April 2020 that they would soon be deployed to another overseas US military base. After learning about the mission, Melzer used an encrypted information application to connect members of the Neo Nazis and an extremist group. According to the indictment, Melzer planned to continue to provide sensitive information about his forces, such as the location of the forces, mission operations and security measures, so as to facilitate the launching of attacks against the forces.

The U.S. Department of justice called the Neo Nazi organization an extremist group of racial violence, and the indictment said that its members believe in violence, Neo Nazism, anti Semitism, and express their admiration for the Nazis such as Hitler and the Islamic jihadists such as bin Laden, the former leader of Al Qaeda. Merzer allegedly told members of the group via chat channels on May 23 that he was risking his life and expecting results by disclosing information about the deployment of his troops. Another participant in the groups chat described the plot against Melzers beloved forces as a jihadi attack, and Melzer sent information about the deployment of the forces to a person claiming to be a member of Al Qaeda.

Melzer also admitted that he might have died in the attack on his own troops, but said: whatever It will be another war, and I will die successfully...

Melzer is charged with attempting to murder American citizens, plot and kill American soldiers, and provide material support to terrorists. The charge of plotting to kill overseas alone can be sentenced to life imprisonment. It is alleged that Melzer tried to illegally disclose the location, combat power and weapons of the forces to a neo Nazist and anarchist organization and planned a murder ambush on his own team, acting prosecutor Audrey Strauss said in a statement released with the indictment

Melzer was also accused of listening to propaganda from extremist groups, including the Islamic state, the report said. The FBI report says it found an icloud account in Melzer that contained a document released by extremist groups in the Islamic state describing the details of the attacks and murders of American personnel.