Arabia people actively evaluate Xi Jinpings congratulatory letter

 Arabia people actively evaluate Xi Jinpings congratulatory letter

Ali Yusuf, executive director of the Federation of Arab Chinese Friendship associations based in Sudan, said that since the outbreak in Sudan, China has actively supported the Soviet side in fighting against the epidemic. The Chinese anti epidemic medical expert group has paid intensive visits to medical institutions and shared experiences in Sudan, which the Sudanese people will always bear in mind.

Samir Ahmed, an expert on China in Jordan, believes that China has always been open, transparent and responsible, actively participated in and promoted international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, helped the international community, including Arab countries, fight against the epidemic, shared experience in the fight against the epidemic and provided assistance. All these prove that China is a trustworthy country.

Deepen friendship and promote development together

One belt, one road, Chinas Arabia, said Ahmed Said, who is a Chinese expert in the Chinese peoples Republic of China.

Chinas China and Arabia one belt, one road and the destiny of China and Arab States, will jointly promote the economic development and improve peoples livelihood. The Arabia countries are willing to cooperate with China in economic, political and technological fields, Abbas Zaki said.

Ali Yusuf believes that the China Arab political party dialogue conference is an important platform for the exchanges and cooperation between the political parties of Arab countries and the Communist Party of China, and the inter party relations are an important part of the friendly exchanges between Arab countries and China. China has set an example for the governance and development of Arab countries by sharing its experience in governance and administration with Arab countries.

Maher IHSAN, an expert on Syrian political issues, said that the congratulatory letter stressed that China is willing to work with the international community, including the Arab countries, to support the World Health Organization to play a leading role and jointly promote the construction of a community of human health. This demonstrates Chinas great power responsibility and is a concrete practice to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.