Hong Kong man kills his girlfriend in Taiwan suspects father: supporting his son to surrender in Taiwan

 Hong Kong man kills his girlfriend in Taiwan suspects father: supporting his son to surrender in Taiwan

Guan Haoming, secretary-general of the Hong Kong Anglican Church, who advised Chen Tongjia to surrender in Taiwan, said to the media that his family supported him to surrender in Taiwan, saying his family had been under a lot of pressure.

Chen Tongjia was suspected of killing his girlfriend pan Xiaoying in Taipei in February 2018, and then fled back to Hong Kong. Because the incident happened in Taiwan, there was no extradition agreement between Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Chen Tongjia could not be convicted of intentional homicide in Hong Kong. Finally, Hong Kong police accused Chen Tongjia of money laundering on the ground that he had stolen pan Xiaoyings bank card and property. Chen Tongjia was finally sentenced to 29 months. He was released from prison on October 23, 2019.

After her release from prison, Chen Tongjia publicly apologized and said she would turn herself in.

Picture of Chen Tongjia (source: Star Island daily, Hong Kong)

Since Chen Tongjia expressed his willingness to turn himself in, DPP authorities have repeatedly taken this attitude. First, it claimed that the Hong Kong trial required the Hong Kong government to prosecute Chens detention. It also advocated that Chen Tongjias surrender involved the so-called political operation. It also controlled the entry of Chen Tongjia and Guan Haoming, the priest who persuaded him to surrender to Taiwan. After being widely questioned by public opinion, the DPP authorities changed their oral statements and did not restrict entry. They can apply to Taiwan at the counter. DPP authorities also advocated sending officers to Hong Kong to escort Chen Tongjia to Taiwan for trial. This requirement of bringing people to Hong Kong is obviously not in line with the common sense of law. It is a deliberate political operation to create difficulties for the Hong Kong SAR government. It is precisely because the DPP authorities create obstacles and set up legal problems that Chen Tongjia surrendered to Taiwan has not been realized.

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