2 knee surgeries, 1128 days off, 36 year old tough guy home! Moving the world

 2 knee surgeries, 1128 days off, 36 year old tough guy home! Moving the world

Sevilla equalised in 39 minutes. Escudro suddenly fired from his left foot in front of the penalty area. The ball went into the far corner of the goal.

In the stoppage period of the first half, the submarine took the lead again. Casolas right corner was crossed, and Fernando Torres headed in the middle. Casola, 35, has scored eight goals in the league this season to assist seven times, making 15 directly. After returning to the submarine last season, casola assisted 17 times in total, ranking second only to Messi in the league.

In the 63rd minute, Sevilla made it 2-2. Navas right cross, Munir left foot volley in the penalty area, the ball into the lower right corner of the goal.

Bruno was on the sidelines for the first time after the game. Brunos first reaction was to pause for a moment and then raise his hand to wipe his tears. I really dont know what to say. I havent played for a long time. I really dont know what to say. Im happy, of course. Ive tried so many times, but at one point it seemed impossible for me to come back. Its a great joy for me, for the club and for my family. There have been a lot of tough times, Bruno said. I thought the best decision was to retire because I had a series of blows. But for now, I intend to continue to help the team.

At the end of the interview, Bruno was hugged out of the court by submarine chairman Roy Gogh. When Bruno entered the dressing room, the coach and his teammates had been waiting for him. Everyone stood up and applauded to Bruno, who in turn hugged his family.

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