A 16-year-old girl with a talent for rock climbing fell 150 meters and died. Originally, the Olympic Games was expected to flush gold

 A 16-year-old girl with a talent for rock climbing fell 150 meters and died. Originally, the Olympic Games was expected to flush gold

Because of an accident, it became the last dynamic that the outside world could understand her. Now there are more than 2000 comments under this dynamic, and people from all over the world mourn for the 16-year-old girl who is a talented climber.

Duyadis last social event.

The accident occurred on the 14th local time, when duyadi fell dead while climbing on an unexplored cliff in southeast France. According to the report, duyadi accidentally slipped through a complex path between two climbing areas and died after falling 150 meters.

As a new event of Tokyo Olympic Games, rock climbing is not popular. So although it is the future star of this project, there are not many people who know about duyadi. Many people know about her through this sad news.

Duyadi was in the game.

Open duyadis social media, almost all of them are occupied by climbing content. Even though she rarely played guitar last year, she couldnt escape the words Climbing. At that time, she wrote: I will go to Tokyo for climbing competition in a few days.

Tokyo is the dream place of duyadi. Duyadi was expected to make an appearance in the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer. With the new Olympic project of rock climbing, more people are familiar with it. But because of the outbreak, the expected stage was postponed.

Duyadi loved outdoor sports since she was a child. When she was 6 years old, she often climbed with her father. In order to cultivate interest, duyadis father will put his favorite biscuits on the top of the mountain at first. But as time goes on, her love for climbing has been deeply rooted in her heart, far better than cookie.

With this love and full talent, duyadi grows rapidly. At the age of 15, she made her debut in the climbing industry and won the World Youth Championship of rock climbing in Italy.

Duyadi as a child. Photo source: screenshot of duyadi social media.

Since last year, duyadi has been jumping to participate in adult competitions. Won fifth place on the Colorado World Cup tour and a bronze medal at the European rock climbing Championships in Edinburgh. In the middle of May this year, she just conquered the route with difficulty of 8b +, which is the level that top climbers can reach.

Screenshot of social media of Paris Olympic Committee.

The French Mountaineering Association also recalled on its website: duyadi is a young player of the French national team of rock climbing, with a bright future and outstanding performance in the competition. Duyadi is loved by everyone in the climbing world. Her death makes the climbing world feel extremely sad. The news is a blow to the partners, coaches and clubs she trains with

The Paris Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games also released a picture of duyadi on the official social media, with the caption: a promising French rock climber, a real champion, and many mountains waiting for her to climb.

In the Paris Olympic Games planned to be held in 2024, duyadi is regarded as a powerful gold rush point by the outside world. At the age of 20, she is also a rock climbers prime time, which could have opened a new chapter in her career. But all expectations are so cruelly ended. It was duyadis beloved rock climbing that ended her.

In fact, the unfortunate event of death due to rock climbing happened at the end of last year. The famous American unarmed climber Robert goblet died after falling 300 meters in a climbing Holy Land in Mexico.

There is also a history of the death of climbers in China. As early as 2007, Liu Xinnan, the national champion of rock climbing, was killed in a landslide while climbing dangjiezhenla peak in Batang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Screenshot of duyadis life.

Whether dreams should be based on life or not, different people always have different views. But for duyadi, to leave in his beloved rock climbing may be the only consolation in the great misfortune of life.

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