Isnt it dark again?

 Isnt it dark again?

Its my way or the highway. I dont think its a problem! This is your problem! You have to solve it! Listen to me, no matter what you think, listen to me. I dont care. I say one.

At that time, Huang Xiaoming was hacked by the whole network, and netizens saw that Huang Xiaoming had problems in nature, character, and anything ugly.

There are several typical fragments:

1. When chef Lin proposed to cancel the package, Wang Junkai and Qin Hailu agreed.

Manager Huang Xiaoming said in an indisputable tone

As netizens can see from this, Huang Xiaoming is headstrong and doesnt listen to any opinions. What he wants is obedience and no communication.

2. Yang Zis hand is injured. The owner Huang Xiaoming insists that Yang Zi should go to the hospital.

Yang Zi thinks its just a small wound to buy a ointment to wipe it. Theres no need to mobilize people to go to the hospital.

As a result, Huang Xiaoming said the words I dont want you to think, I want me to think.

From this, netizens see Huang Xiaoming as a person who seems to care about you. In fact, they just do it to show themselves.

This man is strong, opinionated and insincere.

3. Chef Lin invited by the program group is the chef of the state banquet, but Huang Xiaoming talks with him very hard.

He didnt listen to chef Lins advice. He had to do everything he said.

All in all, Huang Xiaoming, a middle-aged man, is very bad.

The formula is as follows:

Headstrong boss + hard to communicate dad + self righteous man = Huang Xiaoming! =Middle aged greasy Princes disease

Netizens put together Huang Xiaomings Mingyan Mingyu in Chinese restaurants, which is called Mingxue, a new online subject.

Then use Ming learning to fight against Huang Xiaoming.

For example:

Here, in fact, jokes have become life attacks.

I used to brush it.

At the most exaggerated time, as long as it was a black Huang Xiaomings answer, there would be thousands of top ten thousand. Even for a long time, Huang Xiaoming said he was autistic, and then broadcast it live with Li Jiaqi.

They came to see you, Li said

Huang Xiaomings first reaction was a spiritualism, and then said, no, no, no, you dont like to see me.

This is PTSD


But this year?

Everything has changed this year.

Before the show sister riding the wind and waves was broadcast, someone on the Internet dubbed it Adventures of Xiaoming.

After the broadcast of the program, Huang Xiaomings comments changed completely.

A lot of praise.

Praise him for being gentle and generous.

Say hes warm.

Envy him for his money.

Said he was good to his friends.

And for Huang Xiaoming.

Even yesterday, Huang Xiaomings generous, humorous and gentlemanly hot searches were on Weibo for most of the day.

Then, the adjectives that appear on Huang Xiaoming are basically the antonyms of last year.

Even now, the first microblog that searches for Mingxue has become this:

I dont know whether to cry or laugh for a while.

When caring about Yang Zi last year, I dont want you to think I want me to think was interpreted as a self righteous and disgusting man.

This years concern about Ding Dang is still I dont want you to think I want me to think, but the netizen said gentle???

Sometimes, you have to wonder whether these netizens are all children who have not yet gone to school.

Otherwise, how could their love and hate be so cheap.

How can you love someone so easily, and then hate someone so easily.

In fact, Huang Xiaoming is the same one.

The netizens who scolded Xiaoming last year and praised Xiaoming this year are still those netizens.

No one has changed.

After all, they all went up to the essence and character. They all defined Huang Xiaoming as a greasy man.

Essence, which is so easy to change?

What has changed is only the language context selectively presented in the two variety shows.

As soon as the context changes, the meaning conveyed in the words changes. As netizens love to evaluate their personal character through variety shows, the wind direction changes immediately.


Its not just Huang Xiaoming who meets the sudden love and hate of netizens.

In fact, every time there is a variety show out of the circle, the netizens attached to the big detective will interpret the stars behavior with pictures and truth through the pieced together evidence.

Hai Lu once said, is it true that you are old? and immediately asked the netizens to label her with low Eq.

At the end of the show, Wang Likun was accused of abetting Zhang Yuqi to let others change their seats, thus gaining the name of white lotus dark bitch.

In the second episode of the program, Ding Dang became the team leader, but his teammates didnt cooperate very well.

Ding Dang and Huang Shengyi each tweeted, and the eight trigrams naturally compared them and pointed out that they had connotations.

Netizens immediately began to diverge their thinking:


These clips are really presented in the program, but they are only part of the stars behavior, not enough to be the label of their character.

But under the dead brain classic and magnifying glass of netizens, everyones behavior becomes meaningful, and the real personalities of stars are displayed in the 100 minute programu2014u2014

Zhang Yuqi is a lovely silly elder sister. Wanxi is the group pet who cant fight or rob. Wang Likun is not good at thinking about people. Huang Shengyis arrogance is really annoying. Dingdangs leadership is not good at all...

What is I dont want you to think, I want me to think?

The netizens interpreted the words of the stars in the program into their personalities and believed that they were true. This is I dont want you to think I want me to think ah!

If you look closely at sister breaking the waves, you will find that the program team has set up super people for everyone from the beginning.

Being said to be low EQ, before saying get older, there was a confession that I didnt know how to chat with others when I was young.

This is a very normal confession, but when it comes to the program, Hailu has just finished her confession and the scene is switched to her saying get older, it will give people a real hammer of low EQ.

But did you find that after Hailu said this sentence, other peoples expressions of desire to speak and stop are actually presented separately.

That is to say, its probably just the unconscious expressions of several people in different periods of the program, which are spliced together, which means a lot.

After that, repeat the neglected bridge sections several times, then the people with low EQ will be stable.

Looking at Zhang Yuqi, she has always been a woman with a high degree of topic, good-looking appearance and strong strength.

From the beginning of Zhang Yuqis appearance, the program constantly shows her contrast.

Seeing the list of contestants in the car, I immediately backed out and looked very tiger.

When she arrived at the live performance, everyone else was trying their best to sing and dance. She actually sang a super old pink memories in a simple way.

Obviously know their strength in general, but want to stand on the face of C.

And then match with the sentence tailored for her: my beauty, IQ for.

What a beautiful fool, standing up.

Variety shows should constantly repeat the characteristics of a person different from others to consolidate the image of this person and impress the audience.

Is Hailu really low in EQ?

Does Zhang Yuqi really have a low IQ?

Just by watching the program, and then watching some hot gossip to over interpret the behavior of stars, we can identify a persons image.

I want to say that the behavior of netizens is stupid.

Not to mention that in the talent show, we should pay attention to the deviation of points, the real strength of competitors, and the clues of other peoples behaviors, putting the cart before the horse.

Even if you really like to interpret other peoples behaviors, its stupid to interpret star behaviors in variety shows.


If you are in real life, its OK to see which star has done something really immoral.

But these variety shows are not even live!

Because of the identity of the media, I have seen many variety shows on the spot. I can say responsibly that 90% of the shows I saw on the spot are not the same as the last cut.

A lot of programs may take 10 hours to record, and only 100 minutes are presented to the audience.

So, who knows what happened 100 minutes ago?

Even in order to stir fry high heat, the program will be completely disrupted and then cut together.

Dozens of Editors

After thousands of hours of editing

Its not about what kind of star the program wants you to see, what kind of star you can see.

Take a simple example.

When Qin Hao went to mother is Superman, he was scolded by netizens for his macho attitude and not paying for his children and wife.

Some netizens even said that Qin Hao was so scared that he didnt want to get married after watching the program.

But the fact is that Qin Hao in Mommy is Superman is simply edited and pieced together into a scum man.

In other peoples real life, its better to be a father.

For example, Jiang Wen used to publicize evil does not oppress right on the round table school.

In order to express her deep impression on the movie, she even said that the movie ticket she bought at that time was 23 yuan.

Let alone 23 yuan for a movie ticket. 9.9 movie tickets can be bought.

This was a normal conversation, but after the picture was cut by the intentional person, it was accompanied by Meng Guangmeis motto just, adding fuel and vinegar to change the title, which means Meng Guangmei thinks Jiang Wens movie is only worth 23 yuan.

Those who have not seen the film or this issue of round table sect believe that the gossip is true after seeing the analysis of there is a picture and there is a truth.

So, add up 100 good details, and no matter how bad things are, they can be washed out.

In the same way, put 100 bad details together, you will think that the best person is a villain.

But sadly, I didnt see the whole net friends at all. I thought it was the stars themselves when I saw the only words on the program that the stars had been said in the later stage.

Seriously, its too far away.

People are complex.

Let alone watch a variety show, through a few simple performances of stars, peoples character can be judged immediately.

Its ridiculous.

Now netizens and gossip people are not black Huang Xiaoming, they will never lack the black people

Gossip is to make money, maybe just heart black.

But the netizens who take variety show seriously, just like those who put abstraction into life, can only be stupid.