Real Madrid: whats going on? Pique is always wise

 Real Madrid: whats going on? Pique is always wise

Did Barcelona lose the top spot because of their poor performance or because the referee helped Real Madrid? Setian replied: Im focused on myself. We do have some problems, but we can get better. In addition, there are many things we cant control. We can only fight for victory. Real Madrids game yesterday? Everybody saw what happened.

After Barcelona played Sevilla in the last round, pique hinted that the referee would help Real Madrid: look at what happened in the first two rounds, Real Madrid are unlikely to lose points. Sebastian, by backing up pique, has once again defined Real Madrid: pique? I always thought he was a very smart, very wise man.

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Setian made it clear that there was a problem with VaR: VaR is a good tool, but why do some actions look at VaR and some actions dont? Its easy to feel that there are problems in the use of this technology. There will always be disputes, its part of football.

At the same time of Real Madrids connotation, setian also shows his emotional intelligence. He recruited kunka, the B-team central defender, into the squad, but when asked if kunka is expected to play, setian replied, he just came to collect people from big names.. What will be his mood when it comes to kunka? Barcelona goalkeepers: telstegen, netto, iniaki Pania defenders: Semedo, pique, umtti, Langley, Alba, aloho, figbo, morel, kunka midfield: lakitic, Busquets, Bidar, Artur, Phuket, Mengchu forwards: Suarez, Messi, glitzman, blesvitt, Fati, Criado Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Liu Qi_ NS4812

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Defenders: Semedo, pique, umtiti, Langley, Alba, aloho, Fibo, morel, kunka

Midfield: laketich, Busquets, Bidar, Artur, Phuket, monchu