Why does Wanxi ride the wind and waves?

 Why does Wanxi ride the wind and waves?

The author, Gongzi Wudu

Source: once a day (yyd115)

At the end of 1920s, Li Jinhui, the music master, led the first group of artists to perform abroad.

After the performance, it is the Spring Festival, and the amount of travel expenses for returning home is not small. At this time, it happened that a record company in Hong Kong sent a letter asking him to write 100 love songs. The contribution fee was considerable and the deposit was paid in advance. Li Jinhui immediately took over, but the inspiration was delayed and the musicians were bored.

One evening, Li Jinhui and his wife Xu came out for a walk. The sun was setting and the sea was blowing. He couldnt help but think of the Peach Blossom River in his hometown, which is full of green bamboos. Once again, he met the beauty on the side. Li Jinhui seemed to have an epiphany, singing and writing a sentence to his wife.

When I got home, I sorted out the manuscript and polished it. Then I got the song Peach Blossom River which was popular all over the country. Later, it was even applied as a trademark and printed on cigarette boxes and spread to Nanyang.

The song was originally sung by Wang Renmei, the wild rose in Shanghai. At that time, many tourists came to Hunan and Chu for a glimpse of the gorgeous peach blossom.

Peach Blossom River is a beautys nest,

Thousands of peach blossom,

There are no more beauties.

Yiyang is rich in singers and actors. Wanqian, who recently sparked in the program sister riding the wind and waves, is also a beauty who came out of the Peach Blossom River.

Some netizens commented on her: beautiful as a peach in three spring, pure as a chrysanthemum in nine autumn.


One day in 2009, there was a girl standing by the river. From afternoon to evening, she was accompanied by the drizzle all day long.

Memories of her young twenties, when she was a singer, record sales were bleak; when she was an actor, almost no such name in the film and television industry, she had a strong idea of jumping into the river, but fortunately, the last trace of reason let her choose to survive.

That girl is Wanxi. She was interviewed many years later. She was outspoken. At that time, she was so bitter that she almost neglected life.

At the same time, she was so inferiority that she almost didnt contact her old friends. The only one night, she called her friend and classmate Wang Ningjie: if I cant get along, can I go to Shenzhen to find you as the front desk?

In 1982, Wanqian was born in Yiyang, Hunan Province. Because her father was a soldier, she was very strict with her education, so she deliberately took the entrance examination to the Shanghai drama academy, which is thousands of miles away from home.

In the school, Wanxi has excellent performance. She has been a top student, representing her alma mater in several overseas exchanges.

But after graduation, Wanxi chose to enter the music circle because she liked it.

But there are some strange acting skills that make Wanxi very unsure of herself. During the period, most of the TV plays starred by Wanxi ended with flat ratings.

In 2009, Wanqian took on the role of Liu Xiaonan in Shanghai. As a supporting role, she didnt have to bear too much performance pressure, but let Wanqian get an idea of acting.

At a half-time break, Director Mao Weining suddenly came up to Wanxi and said to her, I have a book for one person to play triangle. You can leave time for me.

After that, Director Mao Weining recommended her to director Teng Huatao, and director Teng recommended her to producer Ge Weidong. Qianlima finally met bole.

Depending on her strength, Wanxis resources are getting better every day. She often plays on the same stage with many actors of the movies level such as Liao Fan, Chen Kun, Hu Ge, etc.

Before that, Wanxis fans once teased her as boss Wan, because Wanxi can set up a stall with too much soy sauce in too many plays. She is the only boss of the soy sauce factory.

She had been in a deep depression, and also went to the top of the mountain, this ups and downs, let Wanxi live very sober.

Therefore, her motto has always been: prosperity does not fall, adversity is not appropriate.


Since her debut in 2002 as Zhang Ailings the Golden Lock, Wanqian has been in the entertainment circle for nearly 20 years. Although wansisu considers herself as a senior non popular actress, in fact, her film and television works are well-known and gain the reputation of the entertainment circles drama Mania.

It is undoubtedly Liu Rushi, who played by Wanxi in 2012, that makes more audiences realize.

From the Golden Lock to Liu Rushi, it is exactly 10 years of dormancy.

Liu Rushi

Liu Rushi was born in the brothel, but she was a talented woman. Her name comes from Xin Ci, I think the green mountains are more charming, but I think the green mountains should be. as the head of the famous eight beauties of Qinhuai River in the south of the Yangtze River, she can sing poems correctly, or she can be a woman.

The willow among people is like the willow among people. Its a big challenge for Wanxi to take on this character.

Wanxi once said:

We did 90% of the preparations before the performance, but only 70% of the effects could be presented. When I handed in my homework, the audience saw only 50% of the results, so I could only do as much as possible, and the final presentation might be better.

The most exciting spring is today. If there is nothing lower, the walls will be painted higher

Dressed in plain clothes and singing in a low voice, its full of charm just when you open your mouth. This is Wanqians answer sheet that she practiced day and night, which shows her self-cultivation as an actor.

Feedback from some fans: her every smile and every move makes people feel that there is no willow like this after Wanxi.

In 2014, Wanxi won the Golden Horse Award for best supporting actress, and the tea waiter Nini in paradise in the army won her the award.

There is a scene in the movie where Wanxi runs with Ruan Jingtians hand in the sorghum field, and they look happy. But in fact, the sharp sorghum leaves scratch on us like knives. We have to open our arms and run with them, so that we can get hurt everywhere, and our arms are hot..

For this play, Wanxi ran for almost two nights.

For this reason, Wanxi was awarded the title of goddess of Sorghum. Some people say that her side face on the standard ruler is not inferior to that of Liu Yifei.

Director Niu Chengze also praised: Wanxi is a gift from heaven.

Wanxi plays the leading role of Angie, hiding seven personalities, which also means that she will repeat the performance of the other six roles in the end.

Cheng Qingsong, a famous director, said: Wanxi is a potential actress, like Xu Jinglei, Zhang Ziyi and Jiang Yiyan, but her acting skills are not inferior to them.

Angie in Hello madman

But even if the Golden Horse trophy is in hand and is favored by famous directors, Wanxi is still only keeping her clean life, holding a face that is not destined to be an idol career, and with a heart that is too lazy to toss about. Even if she plays in the horse entertainment circle, she is also very comfortable.

After all, if there is a peach garden in my heart, where is not between water and clouds.

Flowers are not flowers, fog is not fog.

Come in the middle of the night and go in the morning.

When you come here like a dream in spring, you go there like a morning cloud

At an interview meeting, when Wanxis singing voice sang this song, she suddenly found that she had once acted in Qiongyao opera, flower is not fog, flower is not fog, but later she was personally sealed by Qiongyaos aunt: the most manly Qiong girl in history.

Li Sheng, a good friend of the same drama, once said: usually everyone calls her Wanye, who is cold and does not anger himself.

White Haihua in flowers are not flowers, fog are not fog

Maybe it is this kind of character that makes her unique gravitation temperament.

Universal gravitation and Wanxi have a deep relationship. It is not only the name of her first music album, but also the first game guild she established in online games. She is the president of the guild. She has won the second place in world-class competitions.

A few years ago, when Wanxi was interviewed, the reporter asked what was on the life list that she had never done?

Wanxi answered without hesitation: riding a motorcycle.

Three years later, Wanxi has already published her motorcycle license on Weibo.

Presumably, with Wanxis free and easy style, the martial arts dream she cherished in her heart will come true soon.

Recently, almost no variety show Wanxi rarely appeared on the stage of sister riding the wind and waves. A sentence a cloud arrow, to meet with each other in the wind and waves, let the entertainment circle male god group leave a message to support one after another.

And the program also seems to be Wanxis highlight scene. Many stars want to form a group with her.

For the first time, Wanxi held a guitar, sat on a stool and sang a song to you.

I respect you for being so serious,

The mountains and rivers are so far away that they are desperate,

I give you a heartbreak and a kiss,

The clouds are rolling and still in office.

This song is to pay homage to ordinary heroes in the world. Wanxis sense of social justice can also be seen in details.

The party at the South Station

In the showbiz of flowers, Wanxi is so beautiful that she is not like the immortal relegator in the sky or the rich and valuable flower in the world. Her temperament is unique. She is close to each other in alienation. When she is sallow, she is soft. She knows Wanxi. With thousands of words, she might as well use the sentence she summed up:

Where the flowers are numerous and the willows are dense, it is the means to open them;

When the wind is strong and the rain is strong, you can stand still and see your heels.


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