Liao media: Mayos going to war can increase his firepower, but dont rely on him too much

 Liao media: Mayos going to war can increase his firepower, but dont rely on him too much

Mayo state

Much better than when I first arrived

In the first half of the rematch, facing the Beijing Mens basketball team with single foreign aid, the overall performance of Liaoning basketball team was very tenacious. At the end of the competition, the difference was constantly reduced and almost reversed. After this game, Liao basketball has used foreign aid Mayo. He will also appear in todays game. It is necessary for Mayo to adapt to the rhythm and intensity of CBA as soon as possible. Mayo has been training with the team for nearly three months since arriving at the end of March, and he is in good shape. In the last game, Liao basket didnt play well in the outside shooting. Mayos appearance will help the team.

Guo Shiqiang said earlier when talking about Mayo: Mayos condition is much better than when he just arrived at the team, his technology is very good, his sense of playing is excellent, his training is very hard, and his integration with teammates and coach team is better. Of course, training is training, the most important thing is to see his performance in the game In the last game, only three players scored double points. After Mayo came on the court, the offensive end of the team will increase a firepower point. However, liaolan should not rely too much on Mayo, and other local players should stand up at the critical moment and bear more.

Defensive end

Be tough

In the first game, Liaoning mens basketball team lost two main points, one is the defensive end, the other is the low shooting percentage of the outside line. From both ends of attack and defense, Beijing Mens basketball team plays more smoothly. Through the pick and roll, the team can easily find the opportunity to make a free shot. In the aspect of one-on-one defense, Liao basketball did well. Lin Shuhaos defense was in place, which made him make several dribble mistakes and an eight second violation. Liao basket wants to win, mainly depends on the tough defense, through the defense to drive the offensive end.

Guangzhou mens basketball team beat Bayi mens basketball team in the first game. Hunter, a foreign aid, made an eye-catching performance and scored 47 points and 12 rebounds. In addition to being able to make a strong attack under the basket, he also had a good outside shooting rate. Liaoning basketball team should pay enough attention to this. Guangzhou mens basketball teams outside shooting hit rate is more than 40%, while liaolans outside pitchers feel cold in the last game, and the overall hit rate is not high. In these two days of training, the players are also working hard. In the competition with Guangzhou mens basketball team, Liaoning basketball team will try its best to win the first round of the rematch.

Li Qingshi, full media reporter of Shenyang evening news and Shenyang daily