Liao media: Mayos characteristic is that he must find the shooting touch as soon as possible

 Liao media: Mayos characteristic is that he must find the shooting touch as soon as possible

At 11 oclock today, Liaoning mens basketball team will welcome the second game after the CBA rematch, which is also their first game with a single foreign aid team. Their opponent is Guangzhou, which also has a single foreign aid team.

Mayos debut today

From the performance of liaolan in the first game, they need to improve the teams firepower beyond the three-point line. With the strengths of Guo Allen and Han Dejun, Liaoning basketball team has done enough articles in the interior line, and can achieve good attack efficiency even under the targeted contraction defense of the opponent. But the cold hands of outside pitchers make Liao basketballs attack tactics too monotonous, lack of level, and lack of rhythm change.

The opponents foreign aid needs vigilance

While paying attention to Mayos debut, liaolan should also pay attention to the opponents foreign aid, especially the small foreign aid Hunter of Guangzhou team, who has been basically familiar with the competition rhythm of CBA in the earlier schedule of this season, and has an explosive performance immediately after the rematch.

In the first round of Guangzhou teams rematch, Hunter played the most eye-catching game of the season against the Bayi team of the whole huaban team. In 46 minutes, he got 47 points and 12 rebounds of luxury data. It is particularly noteworthy that his attack efficiency is very high, 14 out of 19 two-point shots and 4 out of 7 three-point shots. Relatively speaking, 7 out of 11 free throws are the worst part of his hand.

In such a data, we can fully feel hunters sense of existence at both ends of attack and defense, especially the 2-point goal of 19 shots, which shows that he has a considerable impact on the inner line. Moreover, his three-point touch on the outside line is also hot, and his performance inside and outside is doomed to be very difficult for him to defend.

However, it is worth noting that in this game with 47 points, Hunter did not even contribute one assists, which can be seen that he plays a pure attack terminator in the team, playing style tends to finish the attack after receiving the ball. In this way, it also provides liaolan with a very clear defensive thinking, trying to cut off the connection between him and other teammates.

In addition to the technical and tactical considerations in the field, Liaoning basketball team should also deal with the adjustment of biological clock in this game. Because the game is arranged at noon, which is very different from the usual time of the game, players need to better adjust their state, in order to find a feeling in the game as early as possible.

For a long time, slow heat has been a bad problem that has a great impact on liaolan basketball team, including the first match with Beijing team in the rematch, they also have obvious slow heat symptoms. Therefore, it is a big challenge for the team to enter the state after adjusting to the non habit time.

In addition, Liaoning basketball team should also consider the distribution of physical fitness as well as possible in this competition, because this is the first back-to-back competition they have experienced in the semi-final stage. After todays midday match with Guangzhou team, Liaoning basketball team will usher in the next round of competition tomorrow afternoon. The opponent Shanghai team also has a single foreign aid team.

This means that in two consecutive days, Liaoning basketball team should recover its physical strength as well as possible to deal with the fatigue caused by continuous operations.

But in todays competition, the reasonable distribution of physical strength is the first step they need to do well. After all, the less they consume in this game, the better the recovery they will get in the next limited time.

Gao Peng, chief reporter of Liaoshen Evening News

Source: Liao Shen Evening News Author: Gao Peng editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei_ NS1098