The more powerful people are, the more they will use anxiety

 The more powerful people are, the more they will use anxiety

Anxiety, Im afraid, is the most sticky emotion in daily life.

Some surveys show that anxiety has become a normal life of modern people. 34% of the people often have anxiety, 62.9% of the people occasionally feel anxiety, only 0.8% of the people said they have never been anxious.

Although anxiety is so widespread, people dont seem to know much about it. Generally speaking, its an uncomfortable emotion that needs to be avoided and eliminated as much as possible.

Is it true?

Lets take a look at two of the most common misconceptions about anxiety

1. Is anxiety a bad mood?

When a person feels anxious, he / she will feel uneasy, nervous, even scared. His / her blood pressure will rise and his / her heart rate will accelerate, which will lead to restlessness and difficulty in focusing on things.

These are uncomfortable experiences.

However, feeling bad does not necessarily mean bad.

At the same time, in the process of examination, moderate anxiety can also enhance our brains excitement and conscious focus, which is conducive to our better play.

So, sometimes the emotions that make us feel bad can give us a lot of practical benefits, as long as we deal with them properly.

2. Will those excellent people, those with strong hearts, have less anxiety than ordinary people?

A lot of times, people have a fantasy that as long as they are strong and powerful, those troubles that make them upset and at a loss are no longer a problem, and they will be more calm and calm in mind.

In a sense, it is like this. When you enter the workplace, those things that make you busy and haggard are too simple to worry about when you look back many years later.

From this point of view, it seems that the better people are, the less anxiety they should have.

But in fact, the more powerful and successful people are, the more anxiety they usually have.

Because with the improvement of a persons ability, TA will face more and more complex things.

Just like an ordinary employee, what worries them is the work at hand. If a boss doesnt do a good job in the company, it will make them nervous and uneasy.

In other words, their high income is in exchange for high risk and high anxiety.

From this point of view, how much a person can achieve depends on how much anxiety he can bear.

Its hard to be an excellent person if you cant move and collapse.

So its unrealistic and misleading to fight anxiety and eliminate it.

According to psychologist olbert:

The important task of life is not to eliminate anxiety, but to create anxiety.

By constantly improving their anxiety level, we can constantly tap a persons potential, so that it is possible to achieve self-improvement at a higher level.

That is to say, dont always oppose your inner anxiety, but try to accept it and gain strength from it.

There are many motivations for a persons life, some of which come from the attraction brought by encouragement and reward, but some of them may come from the spur brought by pain.

When you are used to pain, it will not torture you, but will turn around and push you forward.