One article understanding apple wwdc20: IOS 14 is more fun, but Intel is going to cry blind

 One article understanding apple wwdc20: IOS 14 is more fun, but Intel is going to cry blind

As the backbone of Apples hardware family, iPhones position is beyond doubt, and the matching IOS system is naturally the top priority. This new release of IOS 14 lets us see many long-awaited new functions and new experiences. Although there is no drastic change, it has been further optimized and humanized in terms of practicality and experience.

It is worth noting that the new IOS has not been changed to iPhone OS as it is rumored, nor the call recording function that many people expect.

01. New personalized layout of main screen app

Interestingly, the shape and size of small components are different. The small components in IOS 13 are selected in the negative screen, while IOS 14 supports bringing the small component function into the main screen (which appears in the main screen together with other apps); the small component function supports user customization; because the small component function is added, the layout of the interface becomes more free and diversified, and apple is new in IOS 14 Intelligent stacking function is added, which can be personalized according to the usage habits and frequency of each persons app.

In addition, the new app repository view automatically organizes applications into new groups and lists. With the new app repository view, apple now allows users to hide applications on their home screens. It looks very similar to Androids application drawer, but it has some other intelligent grouping functions, such as automatically extracting all applearcade games in batches.

03. Add translation app

This time ios14 added a new translation software called translate, which supports text translation and real-time voice translation, English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian. It allows users to perform real-time translation and full offline translation. The side-by-side view in translation application allows two people to use two Talk in different languages.

Apples most interesting change to the app store is to add a new appclip function, which you can simply understand as Apples official app. The size of appclip is within 10MB, which is designed for users to experience application functions quickly. When users want to use it, appclip pops up from the bottom of the screen in the form of a card, which supports applepay payment and login with appleid.

05. Further optimize the Siri experience

Siri smart assistant believes that iPhone users will not be unfamiliar, Siri will no longer occupy the full screen, and will view information in a more convenient way than before. In addition, Siri has supported sending recordings since this year, and the keyboard dictation function has been added to the neural network engine, while expanding support for new languages.

06. IMessage experience upgrade

07. Further reconstruction of built-in map

08. Carplay function upgrade

Carplay is a new intelligent interactive experience launched by apple for the automobile industry, which can make your iPhone and your car seamlessly connect. Whether its navigation, listening to songs, calling, voice interaction and other operations are more simple and efficient. I believe that people who have used it will like this function, provided that your car supports Carplay.

At present, there are more than one million apps designed for iPad. While the developers strive for iPad ecology, apple naturally does not want to lag behind. It is an ongoing work of apple to constantly expand the design language of iPad OS.

Apple has added new sidebar features to the new iPad OS, which can be used in photos, memos, music and other third-party apps to expand functionality and ease of use. In addition, the function bar of the first party application has also been upgraded, which can quickly select the required functions by sliding and staying directly to achieve more efficient chlorine.

The music app has been redesigned. In addition to the sidebar functions mentioned above, it can also realize full screen playback mode and provide a more immersive music experience.

It is worth mentioning that the search function in the new version of iPad OS has been upgraded to a global search similar to MAC focused search. Here you can directly search the web page, locate the application or contact, or even directly query the internal keywords such as files or memos, greatly improving the search efficiency. Look at MAC search in an all-round way, which is obviously for productivity.

Of course, apple pencil is indispensable for upgrading the iPad OS. In the new version of iPad OS, it can realize more accurate handwritten text recognition, that is to say, it has more perfect support for Chinese handwritten input. This means that you can choose handwritten words or sentences to copy, paste or turn into text, or directly insert blank lines to supplement the content. You can even jump functions directly according to the text content: for example, identify phone, click direct dialing, or identify address, click direct jump map. Another example is when you use Apple pencil to take notes, the intelligent selection function will use the iPads own machine learning function area to break up writing content and pictures.

In addition, all text boxes in the new iPad OS support handwriting to text. You can complete the direct search of handwriting in the safari search box and so on. You can do all kinds of typing operations with the keyboard without the pen. Moreover, with the help of applepecil, the doodling function will first support English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese as well as Chinese English hybrid writing, and users can write together without switching languages.

Although not explained during keynote, the new features of iPad OS still appear in the function summary, as well as the AR related arkit4, AR video material and depth sensing interface. The future performance of AR application on iPad is worth looking forward to.

Interestingly, the whole process didnt mention productivity. Maybe we wont hear from apple until the next iPad hardware upgrade?

Of course, as the most frequently used sports and health experience of applewatch, the physical training mode of watchos7 added support for more dances on the original basis, including hip-hop dance, Latin and other dance types; activity changed its name to fitness.

In addition, in the context of the continuous spread of the global new crown epidemic, apple added the hand washing detection function in watchos7 this time, using machine learning to detect hand washing actions, and using microphone to detect the sound of water flow. The combination of the two can accurately determine whether users are washing their hands at present.

The visual effect of macosbigsur has changed greatly, and it is in line with iPad OS. When you think that Apple will make iPad OS more and more like Mac OS, Apples reverse operation, love. The most obvious change is the large rounded corner of docker and icon, which are all unified. In addition, all icons of the systems own application are replaced. Of course, most of the changes are subtle and not easy to detect. In addition, the default app toolbar of the system also has fine-tuning, which is more intuitive.

The control center, which used to be seen in IOS and ipados, now logs in to MAC osbigsur, where users can adjust brightness, volume, do not disturb mode and so on. More practical, the control center can be customized in modular form. This wave of Apple operations, but also a part of similar functions of the software to kill.

The performance and function improvement of safari browser is the key point of Mac OS update every year. The focus of this Safari update is to customize the start page, add a web page icon to the tab, add more plug-in rights management, more convenient password management, and provide a very detailed privacy report for users to view the website tracker.

Of course, the startup speed should also be less than that of friends. For example, the startup speed of safaris common web pages is 50% faster than that of chrome. Global web page translation also has, Safari refueling, hope one day can cut all from chrome back to you!

Finally, maccatalyst, the plan to seamlessly transfer iPad apps to Mac, has been upgraded to make it easier for developers to develop MAC apps.

Think about it. In the future, Mac will be able to run IOS and iPad applications directly after turning to its own arm architecture chip. According to the current situation of MAC osbigsur, the change of UI and interaction is believed to be the reason for many people to upgrade. Of course, the new system should not be bug prone like Catalina.

As one of Apples most successful hardware products, the airpods series products have been popular all over the world once they are launched. The perfect combination with iPhone and other devices not only changes the publics cognitive experience of wireless headphones, but also creates a new category of TWS headphones.

This time, through the software update of IOS 14, apple focused on the immersive sound experience brought by the airpodspro in the airpods series products. The dynamic head tracking technology was used to realize the new space audio function, which can simulate the 5.1 or even 7.1 channel sound effect, and support the Dolby panoramic sound. Even if you move your head, the sound source will remain in its original position, provided that your video source supports multichannel coding.

In this way, when you wear the airpodspro to watch large movies on the iPhone or iPad, you will have a fantastic effect of watching movies in the cinema.

In addition, after upgrading your iPhone to IOS 14, airpods products also support seamless switching of multiple devices. The headset will automatically switch the audio input according to the Apple device you use. For example, when you listen to songs on your iPhone and play video on your MacBook notebook, the audio will be switched to your computer, but if there is a call at this time, the audio will be switched back to the iPhone, which seems to be more suitable for users with multiple Apple devices.

It seems that once these new functions are launched, the airpods series products will be sold crazy again, especially the latest airpodspro, after all, only enjoy the space audio experience. At this time, do you regret not buying an airpodspro for your iPhone during the 618 promotion.

As expected, apple officially announced at the end of the event that it would launch a new custom chip based on ARM architecture for its MAC products, so as to gradually get rid of the dependence on Intel processor based on x86 architecture.

Apples R & D strength at the bottom chip end is needless to say. The series a products based on iPhone and iPad series products have shown the powerful strength of Apples R & D at the chip end to the outside world countless times, especially the CPU, GPU and machine learning performance are all the worlds top level.

In Apples official words, when the new Mac series products use the chips developed by themselves, not only the overall performance is improved significantly, but also the power consumption can be controlled more effectively, so as to bring a better endurance experience.

Of course, after the MAC uses the arm architecture chip, not only is the simple performance experience enhanced and the power consumption controlled better, more importantly, it is reflected in Apples integration ability in the combination of software and hardware, which means that Apple has fully opened up the iPhone, iPad and MAC three sets of apples chip side infrastructure.

In short, the follow-up Mac will also seamlessly run a large number of applications on the iPhone and iPad, which only need to be compiled quickly through the compilation software provided by apple.

According to Apples follow-up planning, its obviously a little unrealistic for the MAC series computers based on the inter platform to be fully converted into self-developed chips based on ARM architecture in a short period of time. Apple will take about two years to migrate the platform, because this work still needs the support and cooperation of a large number of third-party software manufacturers.

However, this is not good news for Intel, a close partner who has worked together for many years, to lose such a huge customer as apple in the future.

According to the Convention, the four core system platforms IOS 14, iPad os14, MAC osbigsur and watchos7 released in the update of apple wwdc20 will be the first to provide beta version for developers today, the public beta version for ordinary users will be launched next month, and the official version will be launched successively this autumn. Of course, users who want to have a quick taste can also download the developer test version through the developer account and the corresponding descriptive file.

As for the adaptation models of the four new systems, as shown in the figure below, in addition to Apples seamless support for new products, Apple also provides friendly support to many users of old handheld models as always.

01. IOS 14s supporting devices are as follows: (iPhone 6S can fight for another three years!)

03. MAC osbigsur supports the following devices:

04. The supporting devices of watchos7 are as follows:

It is interesting that every time Apple has a major conference, many people will make complaints about the fact that Apple has lost its soul since Jobs died and the former chief designer Jonathan left. But in fact, under the leadership of cook, Apple has been moving forward, and the market and users are the best proof. No, just after the wwdc20, Apples share price hit a new record. As of today, Apples share price has reached $358.87 and its market value has reached $1.55 trillion.

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