Find someone who really puts you on the top of their heart.

 Find someone who really puts you on the top of their heart.

The most impressive answer in the comment area is:

I asked him if he was going to buy cigarettes.

He said, well, what do you want to drink?

I shook my head.

Then he went downstairs and came back a few minutes later. He held a bottle of black tea and a big bottle of coconut milk in his hand and said, Ill buy it for you. Dont drink it.

I nodded and said, drink.

Then after a while, when he was cooking in the kitchen, he suddenly called out to me, wife, I forgot to buy cigarettes...

This is the best way for a boy to love a girl

Its a big world, but only you.

The details are all intentional people. The people who love you will always put you at the top of their hearts.

In this era, everyone likes to pretend to be single and doesnt want to be in love openly.

But the real love is willing to be locked up, cut off all the way back, for the rest of your life.

As Lin Yujia wrote in her proposal letter to Ding Wenqi:

The best way is always true, the best love is never to leave a way back, do not talk about love without the determination to love a person for life.

A good love, must be two people together, no spare tire, no lover, no bed companion, cut off all the love behind.

Two people in the emotional world only each other, no suspicion, no defense.

A kind of

Like is a kind of super power, can see you in the crowd at a glance;

Put your chat box at the top. You want to find you every time you open wechat. No matter how many messages come in, you are the first that cant be shaken.

When you want to chat with me, I will try my best to reply you as soon as possible. I dont want you to wait even a few seconds.

People hanging on the top of their hearts also want to put her at the top of wechat.

Buying flowers to go home is romantic, buying vegetables to go home and cooking is life.

In the collision of pots and pans, you can read a persons Thoughts on you:

Those who are willing to spend time stewing for you, must also have enough patience to manage their feelings.

In this era of fast food, there are too many people who can use their mobile phones to order food for you,

There are only a handful of people who are willing to cook noodles for you at any time, plus an egg.

Like only reminds you to eat, and love is to cook for you sooner or later.

A kind of

I saw a little story on Weibo the other day:

The girl saw an advertisement with the words solar energy maintenance.

Someone added with a pen: the moon can be changed..

The love in the details is always touching but not greasy.

It doesnt need any vows, or expensive things, or big scenes. Its a subconscious thought.

He knows your strange, and he is willing to accompany you.

A kind of

In this case, some boys will be tired of breaking up because of girls quarrels, but others will spoil and coax you endlessly.

There are many people who like you, and the one who takes care of your emotions is the most difficult.

A kind of

Thats a good saying.

Love is that I can only see you in the crowd. You are so bright that my dim life suddenly becomes rainbow color.

Because I love you, so Im afraid I dont give you enough. Im afraid that compared with other people, you will think Im inferior.


I want to send a sweet love message to every girl:

But before that, you should take good care of yourself, live seriously and grow up well. Every girl who works hard will be treated gently by life.

Click [look] and there will be someone who will come to you unexpectedly.