Whats the best relationship youve ever seen?

 Whats the best relationship youve ever seen?

My grandfather made a good dish. One day, when we had a meal together, someone praised my grandfathers braised pork ribs as delicious. My grandmother could not cook, but she began to show off how the ribs were made so delicious. Grandpa looked at grandma and laughed happily, but he didnt speak.

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Just like us, you are considerate to me, I am considerate to you, you cook and wash dishes, I wash clothes and clean. In my opinion, life is about understanding each other. Family is for two people, striving for the future together. May we always be.

[email protected] Yuanmei

My mother said that she should have another one. At that time, my sister was going to have another one. My brother-in-law said that she couldnt have one. She suffered a lot and one became her. After giving birth to her baby, my brother-in-law held my sisters hand in pain. Every time she went shopping, she took the initiative to carry my sisters bag. Anyway, it was the doting and love that outsiders could feel.

[email protected] Yueqing

Most of them are Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin, Deng Chao and Sun Li.

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My uncle in front of the whole family is not red heart do not jump to my aunt: I can not sleep without you at night.

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My parents, quarrel is always back to each other, but tomorrow we will go to the teahouse to eat and drink tea.

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I dont think its a matter of course that the other party does things for me, but I will love the other party.

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Shes making, hes laughing.

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[email protected] would like two grapefruits

[email protected], Xiaozhang and Sisi dont panic

Im not tired. I want to sleep with him.

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Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang.

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After the quarrel in the morning, the lunch is still in the pot, and the light will be left for you in the evening.

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Although there will be 100 divorces, I will still be willing to go down hand in hand with each other for the 101st time and stay together.

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Uncle said: good feelings are always mutual, mutual understanding, mutual tolerance, mutual love, mutual trust and mutual achievement. This is the best relationship between husband and wife.